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This is a bit of a different post today -- I've seen a few Autumnal 'Bucket List' type of posts, which both made me excited for the new season, and inspired me to do something similar on my little internet corner! Except I'm going to make it less of a bucket list and more of my goals for Autumn time.  Essentially, I hope that writing this will inspire me to actually make the goals a reality!

1. Pumpkin Carving
Let's start with arguably one of THE most Autumnal activities there is! Last year I was totally useless and unorganised regarding Halloween celebrations, which I do not wish to repeat this year. I love spooky, creepy Gothic things, so Halloween is so exciting to me, so I MUST at least do some pumpkin carving this year to get into the proper spooky spirit!

2. Photography
Autumn is possibly my favourite season [or Winter, I'm still undecided] and I just love the was places completely transform into a rusty red, orange and brown, leafy paradise. Plus I love those cold days, where the Sun's warmth is still trying to creep through the sky, and you get such a beautiful light. It is these wonderful things I want to capture and treasure the only way I know how, photography. I've also so enjoyed really getting to know my camera this Summer & want to continue pushing my technique and editing skills.

3. Work Hard 
I want to totally throw myself into my university work. I'm going into my final year as of 2nd October, and I want to completely absorb myself in my final projects of my course, and put my absolute all into them. That way, no matter the outcome, I can be proud I put my all into it. Something about the Summer - Autumn transition always gives me a new lease of energy and a drive to work hard -- probably due to the academic year being the layout to pretty much my whole life so far??!

4. Explore
Despite having lived there for a long time, Winchester still feels like a stranger to me.  I know the places I know, and that is all, but there is so much more to it, so many areas I haven't been to.  So, in between all the work, I want to take time to walk around and explore the lovely city I've been lucky enough to call home for a few years. Also, I love walks, and think they could make my brain a little happier and a little less stressed during the final year fashion degree madness!

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