Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The Hidden Hut


After being told about 'The Hidden Hut' and the gluten free options it has, we were determined to hunt it down and go eat there! There's no confusion as to where it gets it's name from, as it is off the beaten track a little, and whilst trying to work out where it was a couple of days ago, we had someone in a car stop us to ask where it was, however at that time we could only give him a vague 'it's over in that direction...I think?' However, today we persevered and manage to find it! 
The hut overlooks Porthcurnick Beach in Portscatho, and is just the cutest little cafe ever! All seating is outdoors, so we were very happy the rain had stopped by this point in the day, and it is a mix of chair and tables and long wooden benches. Each bench had a beautiful bouquet of flowers in the pot on the table, and all seats had an amazing view onto Porthcurnick beach, which we explored just before sitting and having a drink.
We arrived too late in the day to see the lunch menu, which is available between 12pm-3pm, however, a selection of cold and hot drinks were available, along with an array of snacks like cakes and flapjacks, etc. Within this list of treats were some gluten free options, indicated by a 'GF' next to them. I had a hot chocolate, and chose the chocolate brownie, which was just so yummy! I really hope we will be going back there before we return home at the end of the week! 
I would definitely recommend going there if you are ever in the area!

-- AshCam


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