Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Last Minute Prom Dresses

For many of you, now is the time for end of year Prom. I had two proms throughout my time at secondary school; the first being my year 11 prom in June 2012, and the second, most recent one was my year 13 prom on 2nd July last year. Having had two prom's I know all about the stresses of buying the dress, then trying to find shoes and a bag to go with it and all the hair and make-up styling, etc..!! With my first prom I found and bought everything with plenty of time to spare, however, last year's prom was a bit more of a rush with finding a dress, so I can relate to and feel your pain if this is you this year!
So... remembering my experience last year, and also knowing a friend who is going through this struggle for her prom this year, plus having seen vlogs by the YouTuber Hannah Rennee who had to buy her prom dress at the last minute, I was inspired to make this post to help all of you out with a little last minute prom dress inspiration! 

All the dresses above are from ASOS: (Starting from top-left) Salon Midi Dress in Floral Organza, Chi Chi London Premium Metallic Lace Midi Prom Dress, Self Portrait Midi Dress in Textured Lace, True Decadence Lace Bardot Midi Prom Dress, Hitchcock Pencil Dress in Black Based Floral Print, Bandeau Mini Dress


Monday, 29 June 2015

Current Favourite Blogs: Top 5

I wouldn't be a blogger if it wasn't for my love of reading other people's blogs, and many of the blogs I follow were a real inspiration for me starting a blog of my own. Since joining the blogging community I have discovered even more blogs that I love and I'm continually checking them to make sure I haven't missed a new post! I thought it would be great to share these with you, so I put together my current top 5 blogs, which will hopefully let you discover new bloggers and start new obsessions! 

1. The Trend Pear

'The Trend Pear' is a recently launched blog, shared between a guy and a girl, Max Hurd and Eleanor Calder, who are best friends living in London. The pair mainly post about fashion and trends, with a specific interest in the fashion industry's movement away from gender specific clothing, and trying to encourage both men and women to enjoy and share an interest in fashion,
I have been aware of Eleanor Calder for a while now, and have always admired her fashion sense, so I was really pleased when I saw she and Max were launching this blog, and have enjoyed viewing and reading each of the posts! This blog has become a real style inspiration to me, so I would definitely recommend you all go have a look! 

2. BeautyCrush

'BeautyCrush', created by Sammi Maria, has been around for many years now, and since discovering it a couple of years ago I have continued to be obsessed with it! This blog focuses on fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle, and is an all round interesting read, with amazing photography accompanying it. I love, love, love Sammi's fashion style, and from watching her YouTube channel and reading her blog you really get a sense of her bubbly, down-to-earth, and relatable personality. You should definitely check this out if you haven't already- I know I will continue to be obsessed with her blog and her YouTube channel for a long time to come! 

3. LlyMlrs

'LlyMlrs' or Lily Melrose, is another fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog that's been around for a long time now. Whilst I'd been aware of Lily Melrose's blog and YouTube channel, I'd never looked/watched either of them until recently, and now I wonder why I didn't do it earlier?! I really love all her fashion and beauty posts, but I also love that she has an advice section of her blog where she has posts discussing interesting topics and giving her opinion on them. I think the topics she chooses to write about are really important, and I also love reading through the comments section of these posts where people continue to debate and talk about the chosen topic. 

4. CharlotteSophiaRoberts

I discovered Charlotte's blog when I first joined BlogLovin' and since then have made sure I kept updated  with all her posts. This blog focuses mostly on beauty, but also has some fashion and lifestyle posts added to the mix. Also, her photography is amazing, and she has quite a few advice posts about photography and blogging techniques which are both useful and interesting to read! Also, she always makes time to reply to comments on her posts which I always think is a really nice touch. Plus, we share the same middle name, so it's obviously going to be a great blog haha! 

5. It's Thursday Tho?

'It'sThursdayTho?' is a blog by Betsy-Blue English, who you may recognise as one of the four members of Only The Young, the band who were on last year's X-Factor UK. As well as music, Betsy-Blue has a big interest in fashion and style, and set up this blog to document her style. I absolutely love her style posts, and the blog has quickly become one of my favourite fashion style blogs! Also, if you love her blog, you should definitely follow her instagram where she posts a lot of day-to-day outfit pictures. 

And that concludes my current top 5 blogs! I hope you enjoyed this post and that I helped you to discover new blogs, or re-visit ones you'd forgotten about. I'd love to hear if any of you read these blogs too. 
What are your current favourite blogs? 

-- AshCam


Sunday, 28 June 2015

Topshop Summer Favourites + My Recent Purchases

When I was in London last week/weekend I took a trip to my favourite place to shop, Topshop! In fact, I took two trips- one to the Kensington High Street store, and the other trip to the one opposite Harrods in Knightsbridge. I love, love, LOVE the Topshop stores in London, because they are so much bigger than the one near me in Cheltenham, so I always end up being drawn into them, and can never resist buying a new item or two whist I'm there!
During my trips to the London stores I bought three items, but I also recently went to the Topshop store in West Quay shopping centre in Southampton and bought two tops from there. I thought, seeing as I love reading these posts on other people's blogs, I would show you what I bought, but also some of the items that could have easily ended up in my basket!

Starting from left-hand-side: Mesh Insert Skater Dress, Ribbed Cropped Cami, MOTO Button Front A-Line Skirt, MOTO Denim Zip Front Dress.
Above are the four product images of the items I bought in my three recent trips, and then below are some close-up pictures of them. The two dresses and the denim skirt were bought in London, whilst the crop top's were bought in Southampton - however, for some reason I could only find the grey crop top on their website, but you can see a picture of the light green one below.

The denim skirt was £28, and the two tops are £6 individually, however, I ended up getting the two for £10 because of a deal at the time. 

The grey mesh dress was originally £36, but I bought it for £15 in the sale, and the denim dress was £38.

Whilst wondering around the two stores last week I saw so many other items that really caught my eye, so I thought I would hunt the items down on the website so that I can share them with you and give you some Topshop summer fashion inspiration!

Starting from top-left: Fringed Hem Scoop Vest, Waterfall Front Parka Jacket, Ombre Feather Gilet, Floral Print Overlay Dress, MOTO Black Short Dungarees, Embroidered Fringe Kimono, Tile Print Wide Leg Trousers, MOTO Washed Black Tally Flares, Kingfisher Espadrilles, Suede Button Front A-Line Skirt, Suede Fringe Backpack, Deck Chair Striped Midi Dress.
Are there any products in Topshop that you're loving at the moment?

-- AshCam


Friday, 26 June 2015

First Driving Lesson

I had my first driving lesson!

My lesson was booked for 6-8pm on Wednesday, and whilst I didn't mind having this time when I first booked it, it ended up meaning that I was stressing about it the whole day. I'm like this with all new experiences, such as before my A-Level exams, and also before going off to uni. However. like with moving to uni and doing exams, I stress lots about them, and then once I get it over with I realise it's nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be. Nevertheless, I would advise to any learner drivers to book your lessons for earlier on in the day if you can, especially if you're a stress-head like me! 

Despite all the anxiety, I actually kind of enjoyed my lesson. It was intense, and required a lot of concentration, and I was nervous for a lot of it, but after a while I did begin to relax, and I think I even started to get the hang of certain things.
One of my main worries was that my instructor was going to get me driving to places straight away, and I felt I wasn't ready for that. However, I was completely wrong- first off I was in the passenger seat as she drove to a quiet industrial estate. She then parked up at the top of an empty road, and then began going through each of the basic rules to driving and setting up the car. We then swapped seats, and she began to set me up for driving step-by-step; adjusting the seat, mirrors, and then getting onto rules for getting the car started and moving, and also for braking. Only once I was comfortable enough, did she get me to start the car and get driving. All the time I was driving she kept a close eye on me, helped out with steering, and also used her dual control pedals when needed. All my nightmare scenarios I'd thought up did not come true, and the whole experience was actually quite fun, so for those worriers like me, try and relax about it- it will not be as bad as you think! 

I hope this post has helped ease any first-time drivers nerves, and given you an insight into what a first lesson is actually like. If any of you reading this are about to have your first lesson, I would advise you take some water to keep you hydrated, also make sure you take your provisional license with you as they will need to see that. It is also hugely important you've had enough sleep the night before, and also that you eat enough food before your lesson to keep your energy levels up, because, as I said earlier, you will require a lot of concentration!
Otherwise, my advise would be to just try and enjoy it- it's not a test, and you are one of many people that are learning to drive, and your instructor will have taught all sorts of abilities before you, so don't worry if you're a bit rubbish to start off with- I'm sure we'll all get to grips with it all eventually! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them below, and also out of interest are any of you learning to drive at the moment?? 

-- AshCam


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Bleach London Dip Dye Kit & Changing My Hair...Again!

Here we go again! It has only been half a year since I cut off all my dip-dyed hair, and I'm now back to bleaching it! This time I decided I wanted to have a dark blonde to blonde ombre using a balayage technique, and like last time, I was able to get my very talented Mum to do it. Then I thought, seeing as my previous post on my hair has been one of my most popular posts on my blog, I thought I would document it and write about the process and products I used. Also, this is my 22nd blogpost- which I had to point out because of my obsession with the number 22- let's hope it's a good one! 
I did a lot of researching  into a load of different bleaching kits, but in the end I decided to use the Bleach London Dip Dye kit, and then their White Toner kit after. 

Bleach London DIY Dip Dye Kit

This was such a good little kit, containing everything you'd need for dip-dying hair; a blending lotion, bleaching powder,developing lotion, mixing pot, applicator brush, gloves, 'reincarnating' conditioning mask, and an instruction booklet with a step by step guide to using each of the components given.
Bleaching Powder: Two of these sachets were included in the box.

Pictured above is the developing lotion included in the pack. The tub I'm using in this picture is one I'd bought from Sally's previously, so I decided to use that one instead of the rectangular one they provided. 

This is the Blending Lotion provided in the kit, this helps to give a gradual change between the root colour and the blonde tips.
Bleach London White Toner
Again, a couple of the bits in this kit are not shown in this picture, but this kit includes; developing lotion, colourant, 'reincarnating' conditioning mask, gloves, and the instruction booklet with the guide to how to use everything in the kit.

The Process
To start off, pour both packets of bleaching powder into a pot. 

Then add the developing solution to the pot and mix with the powder until lumps have gone, forming a thick paste.
Then make sure you have lots of foil strips prepared. You will also need to make sure you have plenty of hair clips, hair bands, and ribbons for tying sections out of the way whilst you start on others.

My hair before the bleaching process.

As you can see from these photos my Mum took of me during the process, I had my hair sectioned into lots of different parts and had to keep track of timings to make sure I didn't leave any of my hair soaked in the bleach for longer than it needed. The product advises not to leave hair in too much longer than 45 minutes, however, whilst some of my hair took less time than that to bleach, other parts I left in for a lot longer- so I would suggest using this as a guideline, and maybe checking it every so often. Once the hair has reached the colour you want, rinse out the bleach straight away. 

After rinsing out all bleach from hair, shampoo your hair as normal, towel dry it, and then cover all bleached areas in the white toner. Above is a picture of my hair with the toner combed through it, and below is the result after rinsing.
After this, I then put on the 'reincarnating' conditioner. For this I put it all over my hair, wrapped it in a towel, and then left it for 20 minutes before rinsing it for the last time, and then drying and styling it. 

And above is the finished result! I'm so, so, so happy with it! My Mum did an amazing job with it, and the conditioner definitely helped make it look silky smooth and healthy! 
I'm also really happy with the two Bleach London products, they worked really well for me, especially the toner which really helped getting out the orange/yellow tones. For those of you wanting to do their own ombre at home I would definitely recommend these two products, they are a good price, and work really well- although, if you have longer hair I would advise getting two boxes of  the dip-dye kit because I used up all of the mixture with my short hair.  
For those interested in buying the products, I have put links in the titles labeling the products earlier on in this post. Let me know if any of you have used these products too, and if you have done/are doing anything with you hair this Summer?

-- AshCam


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

London Wetland Centre

As part of a belated birthday outing for my sister, Loren, we gave her a choice of two places within London to go to that we hadn't visited before - the first was the London Wetland Centre, and the other was Highgate Cemetery. Now, for my Mum and I, who love Gothic places and buildings, Highgate Cementery sounded like an amazing place to spend the day exploring and taking photographs of, and whilst my Dad was happy wherever we went, Loren felt that a graveyard wasn't really her idea of a birthday outing-- and I guess I can see what she meant...haha! So the London Wetland Centre it was!  And I'm glad we chose to do that, because it was such a lovely day out walking around the site and seeing all the wildlife.

For a place so near to busy London, this place was so scenic and calm. It's actually amazing how tame some of these birds are, especially the Ducks and Geese which were walking around us and even eating out of Loren's hand! Whilst the Otters are hard to seek out on your own, we timed our arrival well and went and saw their 'feeding time' which allowed me to get a few good snaps of them-- they were so adorable! 
The centre also has a lovely cafe with indoor and outdoor seating, a gift shop with a wide range of items, and also hold events in a separate part of the building for those who are interested. I definitely recommend the Wetland Centre to families, and those who are interested in a scenic walk amongst wildlife!

-- AshCam


London Streets, Mews' and Lots of Hot Chocolate

I love walking around the small streets of London, and in avoiding all the main roads and high streets to get to places, you come across beautiful roads and beautiful buildings. 
I can never really decide whether or not I could live in London or not, always battling with my love of the city and the feeling that it's too crowded. However, when I see these picturesque streets I find myself visualising myself living there, and living the London lifestyle. If only I had the money.... maybe in the future I will..??

I also fell in love with the little Mews' hidden around London's busy streets, I think they're so sweet. It's funny because you walk down them and you couldn't feel farther from London, yet a few more steps and you're back in the midst of the London we all know. 

After a long day of walking around, there's nothing better than getting back to the hotel and having a hot chocolate in the cafe/bar section of the reception area. I had so many of these hot chocolates over the five days I was in London, and no, I don't care that it's Summer, everyday is a day for hot chocolate in my mind! 

-- AshCam

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