Friday, 8 August 2014

50 Facts About Myself...

Sooo.. I decided to join the bandwagon and use the '50 facts about me' tag. I also thought this might be a nice way for any readers to gain an insight into who I am if they're interested? I've seen so many of these over the years, not only on blogs sites like this one and tumblr, but also on YouTube and they look quite fun to do so I thought why the hell not, right?! So, here it goes...

Number One -  My middle name is Sophia, the 'ia' being pronounced as 'iya' as opposed to 'eya', if you understand what I mean??
2.  I have an older sister who is 21
3.  I have a 4 year old Golden Retriever 
4. I also have a black, really fluffy cat, who is adorably cute, but also extremely grumpy and antisocial!
5. I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease when I was 2 years old, and have been on a gluten-free diet ever since
6. The Isles of Scilly is one of my favourite places to go. I've only ever been twice in my life, the last time was in 2010 I think, so I miss it a lot-- Rushy Bay, if you ever go, is the best beach EVERRR!
7. I've never travelled outside of the UK and the only plane I've been on seated 18 people, which travelled to the Scilly Isles!
8. I absolutely Hate, with a deliberate capital 'H', tuna, olives and scrambled egg
9.  I think butterflies and caterpillars are really cute, but at the same time they kind of freak me out! Especially hairy caterpillars because of someone once telling me that if you stroke them the hairs will prick your fingers, and then stay there and can never be removed, which terrifies me!
10.  When people initially meet me I'm usually assumed to be quiet and shy, and many don't realise that I'm in fact really chatty, and well... a bit of a weirdo really!
11. I talk to my pets as if they answer me back, when in fact all they do is stare, and then walk off in the opposite direction.. as fast as their legs can carry them..
12. I am currently 5ft 5.5 inches and have size 6 feet, but sometimes fit into size 5.
13. I studied Textiles, English and Maths for my A-levels.
14. I'm one-quarter Cornish
15. I become a craaazy fan-girl wherever Taylor Swift, One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer or Little Mix are concerned- they are my idols and I love them!
16. One of my favourite films ever is 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days'. My sister and I recite quotes from this film pretty much every time we are together.
17. Okay, I'm now remembering loads of other films I love, so I have to add to this list the fact I absolutely love the films 'The Breakfast Club' and 'Easy A'! I will stop now, before this list becomes too extensive!
18. When I was younger I really wanted to be a hairdresser and make-up artist.
19. Autumn is my favourite Season, and I just absolutely love the A/W fashions.
20. Don't judge, but I still eat potato smiles! They're just so happy and yummy!
21. I love rain so much and I like standing out in it when it's really heavy.
22. I have an obsession with the number 22.
23. Scrubs is one of those programmes I can watch episodes of over and over again, at any time and never get bored.
24. Currently my hair is dip dyed blue.
25. One of my favourite puddings is sliced banana drizzled with melted milk chocolate (my stomach is rumbling just thinking about it)
26. I'm really not a big fan of fizzy drinks like coke and lemonade. I will drink them, but I usually like to wait until they're flat.
27.  When I was young I used to collect soft toys, especially 'beanie babies', to the point where I had over 100 soft toys which I remembered all the names of!
28.  I love cats, and am obsessed with them.
29.  Johnny Depp was my first ever celebrity crush.
30. I am so unbelievably pale and have never tanned no matter how hard I've tried
31. I always listen to music really loud, whether in earphones or through speakers, it's on full blast.
31. I sing around the house most days, but would never sing in front of a big crowd- way, way, way too scared!
32. Speaking of scared, I'm actually scared to read books in the bath. The first and only time I did I dropped it in and the text smudged and the pages dried all crinkly and I was very sad. At the time I wasn't sure whether to laugh at myself or cry
33. I still have some Christmas decorations up in my bedroom
34.  I used to think my sisters name was 'school'
35.  I pronounce the word 'room' like 'rum'
36.  Raspberries, in my opinion, are the tastiest fruit ever
37. My extracurricular activities during my school life included a computer club, three dance clubs, art club, and a drama club.
38.  I'm an extremely fussy eater and it's a struggle to get me to try new foods that I'm unsure about
39. Food-wise, I'm absolutely rubbish with spices
40. I'm terrified of big spiders, wasps and bees
41. I can't sleep with just one pillow, two is tolerable, but for optimum sleeping comfort I need at least three
42. I have saved and stored away every birthday, Christmas and celebratory card I've ever been given since about 4 years old
43.  I used to think the word 'slippy' was actually pronounced 'swippy'
44. I used to enjoy having blood tests and look forward to having them - it's weird, I know, but as a result, I'm not afraid of needles
45. My hair is naturally dead straight, and ever since I was young I've desperately wanted messy, thick, curly hair
46. I love Irish accents and genuinely wish I was Irish
47. Someday I really want to go to America, but especially New York.
48. I usually just drink water- I like drinking water
49.  I'm not a massive fan of cereal, and haven't had cereal for breakfast, or eaten cereal in general, in about 2 years
50. I have never eaten popcorn in a cinema.
Okay, so those are 50 facts about me, which I hope has given an insight into my life and is enjoyable to read! If anyone who's read this post has done one of these too I would love to see yours, so please post a link in the comments section, or even just comment if you find yourself thinking 'SNAP' when reading one of the facts about me!

-- AshCam


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Hello from AshCam!


My name is Ashleigh,  but you can call me AshCam, and I am 18 years young! :)
I have decided to finally make a blog, giving into my sister's nagging to start one, and using my long Summer off, after completing my A-Levels, to make my own, very small stamp online! On this blog I am mainly wanting to share my love of fashion and textiles with posts of my designs and new textile products I've made or discovered, whilst adding a bit of beauty, styling, and everyday life-living, with a bit of inevitable crazy fan-girling mixed in!

I hope my posts will be interesting to some of you out there, and if you read them then thank youuuuu! For the moment though, I'm just hoping this post even gets published, because I'm still slightly unsure how this all works, so you may never actually get to read this, in which case I've spent half an hour writing a pointless post! However, if this does publish, as I hope, please if you have any tips or help for a newbie, like myself, then please comment and share the advice, I feel like I'm going to need it! Thank you!

- AshCam  X
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