Saturday, 8 November 2014

Personalising my bedroom at Uni

Although my bedroom at university is in fact larger in size than my bedroom back home, there is not much storage space which becomes a problem when, like myself, you have brought a LOT of stuff with you! Due to the extensive list of equipment needed for my course, the amount I took with me was larger than an average student, and in the photos below you can see just how much I had to take with me, and also just how tricky it was to fit everything in the car- but my Dad is a car packing genius and managed...just!

 The photo on the left is most of my stuff piled up in the spare bedroom before I went to university. Then on the right is my picture of me sat in the car with everything packed in every nook and cranny in the car the morning I went off! It was a surprisingly comfortable journey considering the amount of room I had! 

When I moved in, my room had a bed, a desk with six small cubby holes, a window with a shallow window sill, a wardrobe with a rail and three narrow shelves inside, plus in the en suite bathroom I had a ledge above the toilet for any toiletries. I had to try and tidy my things into these spaces and live in it, which is still difficult at times, and took a lot of rearranging during the first month of living here. Therefore, my first bit of advice, especially if your course requires large amounts of equipment, is to bring lots of boxes that can be slid underneath your bed, and also a trunk if it can fit in your room. My Mum bought me a trunk to take with me to uni, and it has honestly been SOsosossoso useful for storing all my art equipment and fabric away tidily.

 The above picture was taken after all my possessions had been brought up to my room on move in day- it makes me weep to see how cramped everything is in this photo! Below shows you what my room is like now that I've got everything sorted into the places I want them- much, much better!

Wardrobe space was certainly an issue and, with my Mum's help, all my clothing fit inside it, however, I've had to rearrange it since because I found that some things I wear regularly were at the back of the shelves, which meant every time I tried to get those items out of the wardrobe I would mess up the order. It has taken quite a while to work out a wardrobe-system that works, but you just have to use trial and error with these things. I have some scarves and jackets hanging on the door now because it makes them easier to get to, plus I feel it makes it look more homely in a way. A bonus of this wardrobe is the mirrors on the inside, which are a kind of full length mirror.

There I am illustrating the full length mirror in the picture on the left, and then on the right I have provided you with a picture of the chocker-block wardrobe in my room. As you can see I've also used the space on top of my wardrobe to store suitcases and also my box of hats, scarves and gloves. 

I like to try and keep my clothes smelling fresh and clean, and so I've put a few nice smelling soaps at the back of the shelves in my wardrobe. I also like to do this in my bed, and put a soap in between my pillows, as shown in the photo to the right. I also have brought with me from home a little 'Guardian Angel' charm which a family member gave me for my birthday a couple of years ago. I find it comforting to decorate my room with things I have from close friends and family.  It's also good to make sure you have nice bedding, and personally I love having a throw/blanket and lots of cushions on my bed, so I brought with me some of my favourite cushions from home, and also my Taylor Swift woven blanket to remind me of when I saw her in London in February with my sister. I think these things also help to complete the room and make it feel cosy.

After my parents went home on move in day I opened a box which my Mum had left behind for me, and inside there was some bunting with paper dresses on it, and so I have added these to the wall next to my bed, using blue-tac to hold up the string.

Above the headboard I have put up the awesome birthday card my sister gave me for my 18th, plus above that I have a poster of Jon Snow, my favourite character in Game of Thrones, which you can see in one of the earlier photos in this post. All these things I feel make my room personal to me and remind me of home and things that make me happy.

I have also put up around the room other posters. It's good that my room provided a noticeboard which meant I could use push pins to put up photos, decorations and posters.

The notice board has continued to be added to since this was taken in October, and I have now got Taylor Swift polaroid's up, plus have just ordered more photos, both old and new ones. However, I am now running out of push pins and need to invest in some more- so here's another tip, buy lots and lots of pins!

I have also used the side of my wardrobe to put up cards that I've been sent whilst I've been here. Again, I feel like this adds a homely touch to my room, plus is a nice way of displaying cards from friends and family.

 Usually I'm really bad at keeping my desk and files tidy, but now I'm having to look after myself I've made an extra effort to keep it all in an organised fashion. I finally, after a good few weeks here, found a set-up of my desk space that I liked and could work with, and I have managed to keep it this way for some time. Obviously the tidiness has fluctuated occasionally, but for the most part, it's worked well for me and my work.

Before coming to university I bought a LOT of stationary, but I've found that post-stick notes have been one of the most useful things I've brought with me, and I am constantly using them to write little notes to myself to remind me of deadlines or tasks I need to do. However, I also feel it's good to have fun with your stationary, and I LOVE the animal rubbers my best friend bought me for Christmas last year, and they sit on my desk and add a bit of character to what is otherwise quite plain.

 Also, having the window ledge has been so useful, and has given me more room to store both make-up and stationary things that I use regularly, but are too bulky and take up too much room on my desk. I arranged my window sill carefully too, because I wanted to make it look appealing, rather than just piling all my things up.

I love having my pot of buttons, perfume bottle and other cute jars of things up on the window ledge, and also really like the cute wooden box, which has been a great way of storing all my most-used jewellery in a convenient place. Also, because of my obsession with garden gnomes, I was given the gnomes, shown in the picture above, for my birthday, so they live on the window ledge too, and add some original and awesome decoration to the room.

That pretty much concludes the tour of my room, but I would like to end this post with a few tips which I have found really useful whilst living here.

 Firstly, make sure you have lots of water bottles- they are invaluable! My Dad bought me a pack of six water bottles on the day I moved in, and I have used one each week I've been here, for both around the house and also when going out or spending days at uni. You have to keep hydrated, but when you're busy learning, working, and looking after yourself sometimes you forget to do the simple things like having a drink every now and then, but if you carry a water bottle with you, you can re fill it whenever, and keep taking sips from it to keep up hydration.
My second tip for you would be to make sure you have a torch attached to your keys, because you never know when you're going to need one, and if you have one on the keys you have to carry around with you everyday, then you will never end up in a dark situation.
Lastly, I find it so useful to have a product to help dry lips in my room and also in my handbag. During the colder months especially, I find my lips can become really dry and crack, but if you carry these around wherever you go then you should be set for all kinds of Wintery weather! Hand cream will also be another good item to carry with you for this reason too.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my room transformation and have managed to take away ideas or some advice from this post. As usual, if you want to ask any questions then please feel free to leave a comment, I'm more than happy to try and answer them. Also, sorry for the long gaps between posts, but thank you for reading them, I really appreciate it!

-- Ash Cam.


Saturday, 11 October 2014

Moving to University!

Yet again, it's been too long since I've done a blog post, but this past month has been crazy. As you can see from the title, I have finally gone to University and moved away from home into student halls!
It's weird to think back to this time last year when I was just starting to apply to university, rushing to get my personal statement done so that I could have any replies from unis on UCAS before Christmas, and now I'm actually at my first choice university. It's quite a funny thinking about how when I was heading to the open day for Southampton University, I had pretty much written it off in my head, pretty sure that I'd get here and hate it, but after sitting through the subject talk in the morning, I realised how wrong I was, and it became my firm favourite uni! Just shows you need to go see the university to get a proper feel for it!
Then, if I think back to this time last month, where I was at home, about a week from moving here and freaking out about it! I moved here on the 20th September, and that has to be the scariest, most emotional day ever- I don't think I've ever been so nervous about anything. In the car journey here I was watching my Dad's sat-nav as it predicted our arrival time, praying for an extra few minutes, or a traffic jam to delay my arrival just a little longer. We arrived on time however, and I was suddenly plunged into the chaos of moving in and sorting out my room, then a few hours later my parents went back home, and I was on my own. It's a very strange feeling realising that you are on your own, in a strange place where you know no one, and it took a good couple of weeks to adjust, but you just have to keep reminding yourself that everyone else around you is going through and feeling the exact same way.

I wasn't overly sure what to do once my parents had gone, I still had stuff to sort out in my room, but I also wanted to try and meet people, but I wasn't sure if anyone was around. I briefly went into the kitchen to take a few more bits through and see if anyone was in there, but found that no one was there, so came back to my room and decided to sort things for an hour or so. As I was sorting out everything in my room I suddenly had a knock at the door, and at the door was two of my housemates who had come to introduce themselves. After a quick chat, they left again and I went back to sorting, and shortly after that I had another knock at the door and the girl from the room next to me was stood at the door wanting to meet someone. We both left our rooms and went to sit in the kitchen and wait for other people to arrive, and honestly, that's the best advice I could give anyone who is moving to uni- the kitchen is the communal space for your house/flat, and eventually everyone will come into the kitchen for food or to put stuff away, so it's a great place to meet people on your first day. I share in a house of 10, and the kitchen has become our social space where we all meet during the day and chat, and it's meant that all of us have become good friends very quickly. Also, once you start your course, you meet more people and widen your circle of friends. Just keep introducing yourself to people, and remember- be yourself! If you go in and pretend to be someone you're not just to fit in then you're going to end up with friends that are nothing like you, or think you're someone you're not.

I've now been at university for 3 weeks, and those weeks have gone SO quickly! It genuinely feels like I've been here for a good few months, and although I'm still meeting people and learning my way around, I feel very settled and happy. I do really miss my family, and it's still hard having not seen my parents or my pets for so long, but not matter how far away you are from your family, they will always only be a phone call away, so just remember that when you leave home for the first time!
I realise not everyone will have the same initial experience as I have when going to university, but I hope that if you've read this post I have managed to ease your worries, or make the move seem a little less daunting. Don't be afraid to ask me questions or talk to me, I'm always happy to reply to messages on here :)

-- Ash Cam


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Gluten Free Product Reviews

Hello again, another week has gone by and I am ready to put up another post as promised. For this week's post I thought I would discuss a few Gluten Free products that I have found and tested throughout August and September. I'm hoping that this post can help any of you who are sticking to a Gluten-Free diet.

I will start off with DRINKS, and more specifically- Hot Chocolate.
Personally, I'm not a fan of coffee, or cappuccino, and although I like tea, I'm not a massive drinker of it. However, there is one hot drink I can't get enough of, and that is hot chocolate. Now, as I've mentioned in a previous post, I am a very fussy eater/drinker, and as part of my fussy-ness I tend to avoid milk in most things. I'm not sure why, but even the slightest bit too much milk in something I can taste and dislike it! Therefore, I avoid, like the plague, any hot chocolates that you have to add milk to. Also being a coeliac, my choices of hot chocolate are limited, and, up until the past couple of years, I just didn't have hot chocolate because I could never find anything suitable. However.... that has all changed....!

The picture above shows Nestlé's Aero Bubbles hot choc, Options Belgian choc orange hot chocolate, and Cadbury's highlights caramel hot chocolate, but I have also tried and tested the Galaxy Instant Hot Chocolate (which had already been drank before this picture was taken- oopsy!)
As you probably realise, I absolutely loved the galaxy hot chocolate, and I am so glad it's gluten free! Any fans of galaxy chocolate will definitely love it because it just tastes amazing! Plus, what I have just discovered from looking on their website, Galaxy does a whole range of hot chocolate flavours, including one called Galaxy Ripple Hot Chocolate, which is also gluten free and looks scrumptious! I will definitely be hunting for that one next time I go food shopping!
Next, I tried the Cadbury highlights Caramel hot chocolate. I had already previously had the normal Cadbury's hot chocolate and their fudge hot chocolate, both of which I had enjoyed, so I was intrigued and excited to try out the caramel- I wasn't disappointed. It was so yummy and the smell that came from the pot was just so inviting!
Options hot chocolate next. I had already had this orange one before, along with loads of the other hot chocolate flavours they do, and the fact that I keep going back to this one just shows how yummy it is! I personally love orange chocolate, so this is my favourite flavour of all the hot chocolates I had this month!
Lastly, Aero Bubbles hot chocolate. This one was amazing. Although it is not the most exciting of flavours compared to the other ones I tried, I still loved the taste, and what made it possibly my favourite hot chocolate of all of them is the bubbles. On the packaging it says 'making the world a bubblier place' and seriously they do not lie- this hot chocolate is so bubbly and foamy, and that makes me a very happy hot chocolate drinker. Also, I found that, out of all the hot chocolates I had, the powder dissolved the best in this one, because I never had any clumps of soggy hot chocolate powder at the bottom of my mug. It is a wonderful hot chocolate!


I struggle to find things I want to eat for breakfast, because I tend to avoid things like cereal, because I don't like milk, and toast, because it's a bit too heavy for me to eat for breakfast, which only really leaves me with fruit. I used to just eat a banana or an apple for breakfast, and still do sometimes, because it's quick, healthy, filling, and gives me enough energy to keep me going, but I quickly become bored of having the same thing over and over again. However, after going to a local GF fair with my Dad last year, I discovered Nairn's Gluten Free Biscuit Breaks which then became part of my breakfast meal. 

Inside one box are 4 pouches, each with four oat biscuits inside. For breakfast I tend to have one of these pouches and cut one banana up into about 16 slices, with 3-4 banana slices piled on each biscuit. I have only tried the 'oats and syrup' and 'oats and fruit' ones, both of which are really yummy with banana for breakfast. (As for the chocolate chip ones, I have not seen these sold in supermarkets, so if you find them and try them you'll have to let me know if they're any good!)


In August I received the Autumn/Winter issue of Crossed Grain and discovered a GF brand I had not heard of before- Udi's. The advertisement inside the magazine was showing Udi's range of bagels, and I instantly got excited! I went to their website and jotted down which supermarkets stocked these bagels, and the next time my Mum and I were in Tesco's I headed straight to the GF aisle and found that the shelf of Udi's bagels had been nearly wiped clean, with only a couple of the chocolate chip bagels left. I grabbed a pack and was then uber excited to try them, and they did not disappoint! With the chocolate chip ones, I just cut them in half and ate them straight from the packet, but I'm sure you could heat them up or toast them if you wanted. Either way you have them, I think they taste amazing and you should definitely try these! I will most certainly be looking for Udi's products in the future.

The next snack I'm reviewing was found and brought home by my Mum. My Mum is always quite tentative when buying new GF foods for me, because, as I have said, I am a fussy eater and it takes a lot to get me to like things! Nevertheless, she brought these home thinking that if I didn't eat it, she'd be happy to have them herself or give them to my Dad. When she came back form shopping that day with these Wellaby's Lentil Chips, she left them by my toaster so that I could see them and would remember to try them. Now, I must admit, I was unsure about them, and it wasn't until a week later that I thought I should give them a try, because otherwise it would be a waste of food and money. So I opened the packet and found that, in fact, I LOVED them! This first packet I tried was the Sea Salt flavour, and I have since tried the black pepper ones, both of which are lovely, and they are now one of my favourite snacks. So thank you to my Mum for buying them, because I have discovered a new GF brand and a new snack that I really like!


I'm going to keep this section brief because I'm thinking of doing an extended pizza base review on different pizzas and pizza bases from a range of GF brands, but I couldn't do this post without mentioning the return of a pizza base to supermarkets. Up until about a year ago, I would buy DS gluten free pizza bases, but then they suddenly seemed to disappear from supermarket shelves, and we couldn't find them anywhere. Then, about a week-or-so ago my Mum and I saw them once again, and I was ecstatic and bought 3 boxes! I would definitely recommend that, if you see them, you buy them, or, if you prefer a pizza with toppings already on, then buy one from their range of frozen pizza's which are ready to cook- go check them out!


Tesco's have made my life very happy this month because of a product I found on their shelves in the GF food section! I remember in Primary school watching my fellow classmates taking out of their lunchboxes 'Angel Cake' slices, and I would look on longingly, wondering what those pretty looking cakes tasted like...
About a decade later, I have found out what those magical pink and cream cakes taste like... and it's wonderful!

Tesco Free From have made my childhood dreams come true and created a box of 5 Gluten Free Angel Cake Slices! Tesco Free From you are wonderful- thank you for creating such an amazing product.
(If you hadn't already guessed, I love this product and would definitely recommend it!)

So, those were all the Gluten Free products I tried in August/September. I hope this has enlightened those of you following the gluten-free diet, and given you some new products or brands to have a look at. I will certainly be continuing to buy these products, but also hope to discover more this next month.
As I said earlier in this post, I am planning on having a look and testing out GF pizzas and pizza bases from different brands and giving a review of those at some point, but also, if there are any other GF food types/brands/products  you would like me to review, then by all means leave me a comment on this post and I will see what I can do. Or, if you've in fact just discovered a new product or have a particular favourite GF product, then please let me know, because I'd be interested to see what everyone else likes!

Also, thank you very much if you've read this, you are a wonderful person! :)

-- Ash Cam.


Saturday, 6 September 2014

September's Here

Having set this blog up at the beginning of August I have really been slacking on the blog-post front so far. However, it is now September and with a new month comes a brand new attitude, and an attitude which includes being much more productive on my blog! I'm hoping to post at least once a week from now on and keep my blog updated with what I'm doing, places I'm going or products I've seen or purchased that have inspired me. I also thought it might be nice to document the next few months, especially with my ever-approaching move to University this month which will begin a new chapter of my life. This new aspect of my life may also interest any readers who are going through similar experiences, whether that's leaving home for the first time, or starting afresh in a new school or job. Lastly, I thought it might be cool for me to be able to look back in years to come and remember my first experiences of living away from home and going to Uni.
Sooo... with that little explanation out the way, I will move onto writing this week's post.

It is now September, and personally, I absolutely love September. September marks the end of the Summer, and the beginning of all things Autumnal, and I absolutely LOVE Autumn. Autumn means cooler weather and therefore cosy nights in with family and friends watching the amazing Saturday night TV, with programmes like X-Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, and lots of returning and new British drama series. I get very excited by all these things, as you can probably tell, especially about The X-Factor- no joke, I can list you all the British X-Factor winners in order of the year they won! Anyway...the cooling of temperatures also mean it's time for a refresh of our Autumn/Winter wardrobes, with the addition of knitted jumpers, thick and cuddly cardigans, winter boots, and staple A/W coats. It's at this time of year that I become very excited about seeing the new season's coats and jackets, and usually end up buying one too! So, for my first September post I thought I'd share some of my favourites available now in high street stores and online. I have tried to show products from lots of different shops at all different prices to cover all different criteria's that readers may have when looking for a new coat.

 First stop-

Asos Trapeze Coat with Faux Fur Collar £80
The red of this coat is such a great Autumnal colour, and the swing trapeze style is a really pretty design and very flattering. The faux fur collar just completes the look of the coat for me and makes it look extra cosy and inviting to wear.

Asos Jacquard Dolly Coat £80
This pastel coral coloured coat is just adorable with it's cute rounded collar and the small pockets. I think the shape is really smart and stylish and the soft touch fabric makes it practical and warm in the colder weather to come.

Asos Faux Fur Hooded Duffle Coat £75
I love the design of this coat so much- from the faux fur hood, to the duffle coat-style, then the length, and the fact it's got a softly pleated skirt - I think all of these features have been combined to make a wonderful A/W coat- well done Asos, I love it!

Next is River Island whose A/W coats and jackets selection is just amazing- so amazing I've had trouble narrowing down ones to put up here, so seriously go check out their whole range!

Black Faux Fur Collar Biker Jacket £65
Leather look biker jackets are not always the warmest, but with faux fur added to the collar, there will be no problem keeping warm in this jacket. Great design with lots of pockets and added quilting for extra insulation!

Black Check Oversized Coat £80 
I think this coat is a really stylish oversized coat, in keeping with this season's fashion. It looks like a lovely texture, especially the silky smooth lining. Also, having just watched Zoella's new vlog post on her 'MoreZoella' channel, I'm pretty sure that lying on her bed with her other recently purchased items was this exact coat, so if you're a follower of Zoe and love her style, this coat is definitely one for you!                                               

I then looked at New Look and found some fashion delights!
 This Cream Borg Coat just looks SO cosy! I personally am loving these fluffy coats and am considering buying one for myself this year!

Although this Blanket Wrap is not necessarily a proper coat, it is very cosy all the same and a fashionable choice for your A/W wardrobe this year. Plus I think the Aztec pattern and the burgundy colour makes for a great Autumnal look.

Urban Outfitters as usual has a wide range of beautiful coats and jackets, and I have picked out a couple of my favourites...
Vintage Renewal Levi's Denim Jacket £55
Urban Outfitters have a really good selection of denim jackets, but this has to be my favourite of theirs. I love that it's slightly oversized, and the rolled up sleeves are a really cool way to style it.  It also reminds me of a denim jacket One Direction's Louis Tomlinson wears regularly, which is another reason why I like it so much!

Vintage Renewal Harrington Jacket £55
This is another from their vintage renewal collection, and although I don't usually gravitate towards bomber jackets, this one I love and would be seriously tempted to buy. I love the flash of red tartan inside and the rib knit cuffs and hem.  I think this would be a really good jacket for the Winter!

Topshop have a great range of parkas this year, some are styled for a festival, while others have been adapted for the Winter months.
The Ultimate Festival Parka by Boutique (£85) is such an original take on the normal parka coats which are much shorter jackets. I haven't seen anything else like this coat on the market and I think, despite it's specific design for festivals, it would be a coat suitable for all seasons and would therefore have a lot of use.

Topshop are also selling lots of parkas with borg lining and faux fur hoods like this Short Padded Parka Jacket (£78).  This jacket just looks amazingly cosy and soft, and I just want to get one so that I can snuggle into it this Winter!

Marks and Spencer's  Petite Tipped Belted Mac (£45) is such a well priced women's wardrobe staple. Everyone needs a mac coat, and this one is smart and stylish, affordable, and suitable from season to season.

I also love, love, LOVE Missguided's  Powder Blue Cocoon Coat !! 
It's furry texture is just going to be so warm to wear and everyone needs to add a splash of colour in their A/W wardrobes, so why not use your coat to rock the pastel colour trend?! However, if you are after a more subtle coloured coat, this cocoon coat also comes in grey.


Miss Selfridge are following the long duster coat/jacket trend this season, and are selling a  Burgundy Long Duster Jacket! I personally love the strong colour of this jacket and think it would be a brilliant Autumnal jacket.

H&M have also produced a brilliant A/W coats and jacket range this season. I especially love their Textured Weave Black Cape! It's such a refreshing addition to this season's coats, and I love the stand up collar and the little pockets they've included.
Also, H&M's Hooded Pile Jacket is such a cute cosy jacket for Winter. The hidden elastication at the hem and the ribbed cuffs will keep warmth in the coat, and the lining looks so smooth and will be soft against the skin. Plus, I love the softness of the pile used on the jacket, and would make it a dream to wear!

Well, this blog post ended up being quite long, so if you've stuck with me this far thank you so much and I love you! Whether you've skim read, read the whole thing or only looked at the pictures, I hope this has been helpful to you and given you some A/W inspiration for buying a new coat or jacket this season. If this is a success, then I might do another sometime soon on knitwear or something like that. If you have any suggestions or want me to do one of these on a certain type of product, or shop, then please feel free to request things in the comments section below.

-- AshCam


Friday, 8 August 2014

50 Facts About Myself...

Sooo.. I decided to join the bandwagon and use the '50 facts about me' tag. I also thought this might be a nice way for any readers to gain an insight into who I am if they're interested? I've seen so many of these over the years, not only on blogs sites like this one and tumblr, but also on YouTube and they look quite fun to do so I thought why the hell not, right?! So, here it goes...

Number One -  My middle name is Sophia, the 'ia' being pronounced as 'iya' as opposed to 'eya', if you understand what I mean??
2.  I have an older sister who is 21
3.  I have a 4 year old Golden Retriever 
4. I also have a black, really fluffy cat, who is adorably cute, but also extremely grumpy and antisocial!
5. I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease when I was 2 years old, and have been on a gluten-free diet ever since
6. The Isles of Scilly is one of my favourite places to go. I've only ever been twice in my life, the last time was in 2010 I think, so I miss it a lot-- Rushy Bay, if you ever go, is the best beach EVERRR!
7. I've never travelled outside of the UK and the only plane I've been on seated 18 people, which travelled to the Scilly Isles!
8. I absolutely Hate, with a deliberate capital 'H', tuna, olives and scrambled egg
9.  I think butterflies and caterpillars are really cute, but at the same time they kind of freak me out! Especially hairy caterpillars because of someone once telling me that if you stroke them the hairs will prick your fingers, and then stay there and can never be removed, which terrifies me!
10.  When people initially meet me I'm usually assumed to be quiet and shy, and many don't realise that I'm in fact really chatty, and well... a bit of a weirdo really!
11. I talk to my pets as if they answer me back, when in fact all they do is stare, and then walk off in the opposite direction.. as fast as their legs can carry them..
12. I am currently 5ft 5.5 inches and have size 6 feet, but sometimes fit into size 5.
13. I studied Textiles, English and Maths for my A-levels.
14. I'm one-quarter Cornish
15. I become a craaazy fan-girl wherever Taylor Swift, One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer or Little Mix are concerned- they are my idols and I love them!
16. One of my favourite films ever is 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days'. My sister and I recite quotes from this film pretty much every time we are together.
17. Okay, I'm now remembering loads of other films I love, so I have to add to this list the fact I absolutely love the films 'The Breakfast Club' and 'Easy A'! I will stop now, before this list becomes too extensive!
18. When I was younger I really wanted to be a hairdresser and make-up artist.
19. Autumn is my favourite Season, and I just absolutely love the A/W fashions.
20. Don't judge, but I still eat potato smiles! They're just so happy and yummy!
21. I love rain so much and I like standing out in it when it's really heavy.
22. I have an obsession with the number 22.
23. Scrubs is one of those programmes I can watch episodes of over and over again, at any time and never get bored.
24. Currently my hair is dip dyed blue.
25. One of my favourite puddings is sliced banana drizzled with melted milk chocolate (my stomach is rumbling just thinking about it)
26. I'm really not a big fan of fizzy drinks like coke and lemonade. I will drink them, but I usually like to wait until they're flat.
27.  When I was young I used to collect soft toys, especially 'beanie babies', to the point where I had over 100 soft toys which I remembered all the names of!
28.  I love cats, and am obsessed with them.
29.  Johnny Depp was my first ever celebrity crush.
30. I am so unbelievably pale and have never tanned no matter how hard I've tried
31. I always listen to music really loud, whether in earphones or through speakers, it's on full blast.
31. I sing around the house most days, but would never sing in front of a big crowd- way, way, way too scared!
32. Speaking of scared, I'm actually scared to read books in the bath. The first and only time I did I dropped it in and the text smudged and the pages dried all crinkly and I was very sad. At the time I wasn't sure whether to laugh at myself or cry
33. I still have some Christmas decorations up in my bedroom
34.  I used to think my sisters name was 'school'
35.  I pronounce the word 'room' like 'rum'
36.  Raspberries, in my opinion, are the tastiest fruit ever
37. My extracurricular activities during my school life included a computer club, three dance clubs, art club, and a drama club.
38.  I'm an extremely fussy eater and it's a struggle to get me to try new foods that I'm unsure about
39. Food-wise, I'm absolutely rubbish with spices
40. I'm terrified of big spiders, wasps and bees
41. I can't sleep with just one pillow, two is tolerable, but for optimum sleeping comfort I need at least three
42. I have saved and stored away every birthday, Christmas and celebratory card I've ever been given since about 4 years old
43.  I used to think the word 'slippy' was actually pronounced 'swippy'
44. I used to enjoy having blood tests and look forward to having them - it's weird, I know, but as a result, I'm not afraid of needles
45. My hair is naturally dead straight, and ever since I was young I've desperately wanted messy, thick, curly hair
46. I love Irish accents and genuinely wish I was Irish
47. Someday I really want to go to America, but especially New York.
48. I usually just drink water- I like drinking water
49.  I'm not a massive fan of cereal, and haven't had cereal for breakfast, or eaten cereal in general, in about 2 years
50. I have never eaten popcorn in a cinema.
Okay, so those are 50 facts about me, which I hope has given an insight into my life and is enjoyable to read! If anyone who's read this post has done one of these too I would love to see yours, so please post a link in the comments section, or even just comment if you find yourself thinking 'SNAP' when reading one of the facts about me!

-- AshCam


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Hello from AshCam!


My name is Ashleigh,  but you can call me AshCam, and I am 18 years young! :)
I have decided to finally make a blog, giving into my sister's nagging to start one, and using my long Summer off, after completing my A-Levels, to make my own, very small stamp online! On this blog I am mainly wanting to share my love of fashion and textiles with posts of my designs and new textile products I've made or discovered, whilst adding a bit of beauty, styling, and everyday life-living, with a bit of inevitable crazy fan-girling mixed in!

I hope my posts will be interesting to some of you out there, and if you read them then thank youuuuu! For the moment though, I'm just hoping this post even gets published, because I'm still slightly unsure how this all works, so you may never actually get to read this, in which case I've spent half an hour writing a pointless post! However, if this does publish, as I hope, please if you have any tips or help for a newbie, like myself, then please comment and share the advice, I feel like I'm going to need it! Thank you!

- AshCam  X
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