Thursday, 21 September 2017


Congratulations on making it to this point, this really is a photo-heavy post! In my defence, the sculptures and plants at Tremenheere were just too incredible to miss the chance to stretch my photography muscles!
As indicated by the title, this is a post about my trip to Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens. Located near Penzance, the Tremenheere Gardens is tucked away down narrow country lanes, and boasts the most amazing views towards Saint Michael's Mount.  I accidentally came across it when perusing the internet for arty places to go in Cornwall that are suitable for dogs, and I'm truly so happy I did, as it is definitely my favourite place we visited during our time there!
Tremenheere consists of a gallery, the sculpture gardens, and a cafe for those who need a little lunch break during their visit [for my fellow GF people, yes, it does GF options - highly recommend the chips]. I didn't actually go into the gallery, as that's the only area that didn't allow dogs, however the sculpture gardens alone were just amazing! The winding pathways and stairs makes you feel like you are an explorer  in the wilderness, just stumbling across all these sculptures.  The plants lining the trails are just incredible and look so tropical compared to what I'm used to back home. The sculptures are also so impressive, my particular favourite is the Restless Temple, created by Penny Saunders [final two photos]. This sculpture is displayed in the green space next to the cafe, and is the largest of all the sculptures.  I was in awe of how clever the design was; the Restless Temple was designed to represent how our man-made structures, no matter how impressive, are at the mercy of forces of nature. The temple sculpture works as a pendulum, the columns are attached to rods with weights, and as the wind blows through the pendulum the columns move, thus the sculpture has the appearance of a 'Restless Temple'. The day we were there was super sunny and there was very little wind, however, the temple still rocked beautifully back and forth -- imagine how it would look in a storm?!

-- AshCam


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