Sunday, 10 September 2017

Sunset in St Just

Let's ignore the elephant in the room that is my significant absence from this blog, and just fully appreciate how beautiful this sunset is! I am currently in St Just, Cornwall for a couple of weeks, having a complete break from work and real life. As with every holiday, leaving behind all work allows me to spend time doing what I love, like reading, sleeping, walking, and photography.
On one evening, we went down to Porth Nanven to watch the sunset by the sea, where my sister, Loren, and I took the opportunity to do some photography. I honestly love these photos, and I have been loving practising my photography skills at times when the light is as interesting as this. The evening we chose was perfect, and sitting on the huge beach rocks watching the day transition into night, I felt so serene and carefree, something I feel reflects in these images.
I know reality is calling, so I shall cherish these photos and another week of opportunities for peace and relaxation. 

-- AshCam


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