Wednesday, 27 September 2017


This post is showcasing another of the amazing places I visited whilst in Cornwall this month. This time, Porthleven beach and the adjoining Loe Bar. The lake and the sea are separated by grass and sandy beach, and make for a spectacular 360 degrees view. My photos don't do this special place justice, as it was truly such an interesting and scenic place!
We actually chose this beach because of it being dog-friendly, and had wanted to take the new puppy, Luna, to her first beach. She was rather freaked out by everything to start off with - the wind and sea on the beach side were extremely strong that day, making for fantastic photo opportunities for me, but making Luna go totally bananas! Even I was a little scared of the waves, however, as they were huge and so powerful that day - I'd never seen anything like it that close up!

In complete contrast with the beach, The Loe was so still and tranquil. The far edges of the lake were completely lined with trees and greenery that looked almost Jurassic. The water was so blue, and started super shallow and then suddenly dipped into a deep, dark blue pool.  Luna definitely preferred this side, and had a little paddle, in between her new favourite activity of digging up and eating sand! I would love to go back again and just sit for ages on either side of the Loe Bar, the two sides were just fascinating, particularly because of their stark contrast that day.

-- AshCam


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