Friday, 10 February 2017


January has felt like such a strange month - to me it's kind of been split in half and the first half feels like it was ages ago! It has also, in January's usual fashion, flown by! How is it that I was still working at Urban this time last month, when I am now nearly 2 weeks into my new placement?!
This is what I mean about it feeling completely split up - I mean, it could even be split into 3 parts - the first week when I was still in Christmas chill mode and blissfully chilling at home and going for drinks with my friends from home-home. Then the second part of my January was my abrupt return to reality as I went back to work again. Though as you know if you have read my earlier post on my past 6 months at Urban Outfitters, then you know that this was also the final 3 weeks of my internship. These weeks just went by in a flash, but were just the best final weeks, and also super emotional!

Leaving a job always feels weird. Saying goodbye to everyone on that final day was like closing a chapter of my life, and I had such a strange feeling walking/tubing away from it knowing that, though I'd love to, I might never go back to work there. Saying this, I was also quite excited for the 3rd and final part of my January - 2 weeks off! This last part of my January [which now feels like so long ago too] was just more blissful time off. I went home-home to Gloucestershire, saw family and friends again, and tried to refresh myself with the country air & ability to sleep in past 7:30am!

The interesting thing about January is that it's a month where you can really reflect upon yourself. We all set these goals and resolutions as the year resets, and by the end of the month you either go "Hell yeah, look at all this I've started to achieve" or "Damn, I have wasted this month away - let's make February better". Or if you are like me, you have ended up somewhere in the middle. I have definitely begun working towards goals and resolutions I have set out for myself - this blog for instance, I have worked so hard on & am feeling so motivated to write & publish posts and create new content. I've even created a blog plan, with all the dates if I am going to post every Monday and Friday this year. My hope is that with this plan I will continue to be motivated to keep writing posts and be organised about it too! However, I have also not made as much progress on other goals as I had hoped, being more social mainly. I started off well actually, going out for drinks with friends on New Year's Day and then taking a trip to Cambridge to meet up with my friend Max [go check out his YouTube channel HERE]. However, after that, my social life sort of faded out - partly due to work, which you could say is me being social, but it wasn't until right at the end of January that I properly met up with friends again!
I am determined to make February different.

-- AshCam


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