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Based on a true story, the story follows a young Vera Brittain throughout the First World War.
 Vera is a daughter from a privileged family of four. She is a headstrong character who knows what she wants from the world but is restricted by society and her parents views on her gender and where her place should rightfully be as a woman. Her brother Edward is her closest friend and ally, and the two confide in each other about everything. Vera desperately wants to pursue her dream of studying at Oxford University to become a writer, and eventually, with a bit of persuasion from Edward, her father permits her to take the entry test. She gets in. Edward's school friends Roland and Victor also support her aspirations, and the four spend a happy summer together. Within this time Roland and Vera begin a romance, bonding over poetry as she discovers his interest in becoming a writer also. 
The First World War begins and her friendships and dreams come crashing down around her as she watches Edward, Roland, and eventually Victor go off to fight in the war. Vera abandons her studies and instead becomes a war nurse.

This film is honestly one of the most powerful films I've ever seen, it is so emotionally brutal, and the story made so raw because of the knowledge that it is completely true. Vera is such an inspiring and strong character, and you just feel everything she feels as she desperately clings onto her old life and future hopes as the world crumbles around her. The cast for the film was so perfect too, the four main characters particularly; Alicia Vikander as Vera, Kit Harington as Roland, Taron Egerton as Edward, and Colin Morgan as Victor. 
Please go and watch it if you haven't, and if you have let me know in the comments below, I'd love to see what everyone else thought of it. I would also like to note that this is the first of what I want to make a series on my blog. As said in my previous post I want to start watching amazing new films, and thought I would date each one I watch throughout the year and review them on here to share with you my thoughts and inspire you to get watching!

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