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MONEY MONSTER | 05-01-2017

Money Monster is a 2016 film, directed by Jodie Foster, starring George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Jack O'Connell, & Dominic West. 
George Clooney plays a character called Lee, a successful, charismatic presenter of a TV programme, giving advice to the audience on commerce and Wall Street. The programme is directed by Paddy [Julia Roberts] close friend of Lee. The film begins just as they go on air. but after a few minutes a hostage situation unfolds - Lee is held at gun point live on TV, and forced to put on a bomb vest by Kyle Budwell. Kyle is an angry viewer, having lost everything after investing $60,000, his entire savings, into the stock holder IBIS. Less than 24 hours before the show, IBIS had lost $800 million, apparently due to a glitch in the algorithm. Kyle desperately wants answers, so Lee, Paddy, and the rest of the team attempt to get to the bottom of what happened with IBIS, whilst maintaining order in a stressful hostage situation.

This film is such an intense and fast-pace watch, and you are instantly sucked into the events and people in the film. Even the trailer, which I remember seeing in the cinema a few months back, had this effect and I actually wrote a note in my phone so that I didn't forget to watch it at some point. It was just totally gripping, living up to Jodie Foster's other work, and the way the story goes had me desperately seeking answers and justice for the characters. A definite must-watch!

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