Sunday, 1 January 2017

A Lookback at 2016

January was quiet - after handing in my projects, I returned home for a couple of weeks, dyed my hair for the 700th time and went for a lot of dog walks around my village.

February mainly consisted of getting back into uni work big time! It was intense, but was made so much better by spending time with friends. As you can see the university library became one of my main hangouts, but I did take a weekend trip to London to see my sister with my childhood friend, Ellie. I also went to my first ever university ball, The 'Saints & Sinners Ball' which was a nice excuse to dress up!

March began with a family get-together back at home, and included a woodland walk and huge meal - two things I love! I then attended my first 2 concerts of the year, The 1975 in Brixton [SO AMAZING], and then James Bay at Hammersmith Apollo [also incredible, but 1975 are my loves]!

It was then Easter, and so I was back home again for a couple of weeks - actually I think it was near a month-- my uni is generous with holidays! I then dyed my hair again for the 701st time, this time it was a multitude of colours and has to be one of my favourites. Then at the end of April I went back to London, this time to Kentish Town O2 Forum to see Raleigh Ritchie with my two best friends - for those who don't know, Raleigh Ritchie plays Greyworm in Game of Thrones. This night was particularly memorable due to possibly the best couple of minutes of my life where Rupert Grint aka Ron Weasley stood one person away from me. MY WON WON!

I don't actually have many photos of the beginning of May, most likely due to the fact that I was swamped with uni work, spending 2 weeks straight having 3 hours sleep a day! I did, however, take a trip to London again for the next of my concerts, Nina Nesbitt, supported by Orla Gartland - both of whom I met that night! I managed to complete my work and hand it in, mainly helped by watching Harry Potter films 1-8 on repeat for the final 2 weeks! I was particularly proud of the way my projects turned out and was super proud and happy to model for my talented friend for her final projects - go check out her stuff here she's amazing! I was however super ill after deadline, but managed to recover enough to join my family in Cornwall for my Mum's 50th birthday. On the way back to Winchester I stopped off in London to go to Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour, this time for the 15th Anniversary of Philosopher's Stone - I JUST LOVE IT THERE SO MUCH! I then finished off the month with another concert, this time Max Jury, who I met again for the 2nd time - it's becoming a yearly tradition- Max, if you read this [as if he does haha] put in your calendar that you need to be in the UK May/June time 2017!

June consisted of me enjoying quality time off, with absolutely no university work to do! Absolute bliss! The majority of it was me chilling - pretty dull picture wise, but there were two main points - the first being my trip to Cardiff with one of my best friends from home, Kate, to see Rufus Wainwright and explore Cardiff. Obviously she took me to Ianto's shrine, made famous by the series Torchwood, but I was also super happy [I almost cried with excitement] to stumble across the Tardis Library whilst wandering around Cardiff Castle! The second main point of June was seeing Coldplay live at Wembley Stadium - and man alive...there are not enough words to describe how amazing that night was!

The beginning of July was mainly spent chilling and preparing for my move to London to start my 6 month internship with Urban Outfitters. Just before beginning my placement however, I went to see Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, and oh my lordy it was just magical! 
Soon after than - a week in fact, it was my 20th birthday, and I had a low-key celebration with my family back home, before returning to London to properly begin my design internship.

August mainly consister of settling into a working life and boiling on the central line tube every morning and evening - summer weather doesn't really agree with me. Anyway, I did have a super fun weekend at the Youtube event Summer in the City and got to see Dodie perform live, go to loads of interesting panels, see loads of my favourite youtubers including Jack & Dean, but mainly spend time with some really amazing friends! August also consisted of me dying my hair for the 702nd time, this time a really strong pink colour - oh how my hair hates me! Pretty much all of August I sent looking forward to the end when I was heading to Devon & Cornwall for a 2 week holiday with my family and the pooch!

My, oh my, September was a whirlwind! The 2 week Devon & Cornwall holiday arrived and I loved it so much! I think I especially appreciated this holiday because I'd been working non-stop since July and was absolutely knackered! It was also so nice to get my camera out again & do a spot of blogging. The evening we returned home it was one of my home-town best friends 21st birthday, and so there was a big party, and a nice secondary school reunion which was just lush! Another week or so went by and then it was another of my friend's 21st birthdays, and yet another party, which was just so much fun & made me realise just how happy spending time with my friends makes me! When I finally returned back to work life, it was London Fashion Week, and I got to go out on a work research trip and spend a couple of days taking street-style photos - I just love my job!

October was a quieter one- I think I was just recovering from the manic month that September was! I did manage to do something cultural though and spent a day in the National Portrait Gallery with my sister and a friend, where I saw paintings from Van Gogh, one of my favourite artists!

November began in style with a truly special concert - The Lumineers. Just a few days later my sister and I went to another gig in a small bar just off Oxford Circus where we saw the amazing Gabrielle Aplin headline, supported by Nina Nesbitt, and a super talented band, Portland! 
Then came something truly special, the first of 5 new JK Rowling films, 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'. Five years previously I had sobbed my eyes out that there wouldn't be another film within the magical universe that is Harry Potter, I then thought cursed child was a blessing, but then Fantastic Beasts came along and I was complete again! I may have been to see it 4 times...!

And now we have just said goodbye to December. Literally 19 minutes ago as I write this. December has been loads of fun; the first weekend my Scottish family + my parents came to London and my cousins and I behaved like 6 year olds going on the rides that are really now suitable for us young adults. I haven't laughed so much in such a long time! Then just a couple of weeks ago I saw The 1975 for the 3rd time in 13 months, this time in their biggest venue yet- the O2 Arena, at their first sold out show there! It was such a special evening and if I begin writing just how amazing it was, we'll all be here for days, and I will most likely start ugly crying! After a couple of boozy work Christmas parties, and an emotional farewell to my fellow design intern and friend, it was finally home-time and therefore Christmas time, where my sister and I donned our Harry and Ron jumpers and felt super festive! 

So there is my lookback at 2016. These are the highlights of my year, the happiest parts, the parts I want to remember and cherish as I move onto 2017. It's not been all sunshine and daisies, and among all these happy, happy times, has been possibly one of the hardest years yet. The hard times are not something I want to put on here or reflect upon, but what shows through the tough times are the people who have then lifted me up and made me laugh and smile again - so a special thank you to those people. My friends and family, you honestly will never know how much you mean to me, and how much I truly appreciate the time I spend with each and everyone of you. 

Happy New Year to you all, I hope 2017 is a great year for us all!

-- AshCam


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