Friday, 7 October 2016

Minack Theatre | Brighton Little Theatre's Adaption of Frankenstein

Another of our trips out whilst in Cornwall last month was to the Minack Theatre, crossing one of the things off my bucket list. In fact two things, as our visit to the Minack Theatre was to watch an adaption of Mary Shelley's, Frankenstein, a book I have wanted to see performed live on stage since first studying the book at A-Level 3 years ago, so to finally get to see it in the most beautiful of venues was just amazing! 

The production was by the 'Brighton Little Theatre' and I absolutely loved their version of the story. They really captured the main protagonists, Frankenstein and the Monster, and I loved seeing how my views and feelings towards the characters progressed and changed throughout the play, as they had when reading the book. It was also really interesting from an academic perspective, comparing how I viewed the story when reading the book to when seeing it visually. I think the weather that day and the setting of this theatre worked really well in conjunction with the atmosphere of the story. This was particularly apparent with the second part of the play, where the events are much darker, as the weather darkened and became almost stormy - almost blowing props out to sea at certain points! I had really high hopes and expectations going to watch the performance of Frankenstein, and I was not at all disappointed; it was a really powerful performance, and one I will always remember. I believe they have finished touring the production of Frankenstein, but should the Brighton Little Theatre ever run it again, I would really recommend going to see it! 
As for the Minack Theatre, you can see in these photos just how beautiful a setting it is, so anyone who sees a play there will have been part of something very special! If you ever find yourself literally at the edge of Southern England please go and experience it - or even just visit the site - but make sure you rent a cushion and get prepared for a numb bum! 

-- AshCam


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