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As you may have read in my last post [link here] I have finished my first semester of my 2nd year of Fashion Design at WSA. We had a total of 4 different projects, 3 of them were practical coursework, and one was a written assessment. Two of these projects involved designing collections and making outfits from the designs, so like I did with my first ever semester of Fashion Design, I thought I'd share with you the final photos of the outfits I created from each of the projects, and give a little explanation of what the projects are about. I'm partly doing this because I find learning about people's courses really interesting, but also because when I was looking to learn more about fashion courses when applying for uni, there was nothing out there, so I want to give students a place to go for finding out about how fashion design courses work. So please, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments section and I will always try my best to answer them!


This project was all about embellishing fabrics to really make the garments individual, so that the materials you use have really been developed into something you've developed yourself. This meant there was a lot of sample work as well as development of designs for creating the final collection. The inspiration for designs and samples had to be based on a sense- I chose to focus my project on touch, specifically looking at nerves, nerve cells, finger prints, and the actual skin. From this I explored many fabric embellishing techniques like applique, embroidery, fraying and layering, all of which are somehow featured within my 6-outfit line-up. The final outfit I made were a relatively minimal/simplistic design, but the 2 fabric manipulation layering techniques I used on each of them were what brought the design to life and made it unique. As you can see in the final photos below, the layering on the top involves  a lot of fraying, and oh my word fraying those individual squares took absolutely ages! I'm not kidding when I say that fraying squares for the front and back took a whole day- it's so fiddly! I love the outcome though, so it was definitely worth it! I also absolutely love the fabrics I used for these garments, I wanted to make the fabrics tactile as well as the actual embellishments, so I used beautiful chiffon, velvet, and satin fabrics. 

[Model: Charlotte James (instagram)]


This project was kind of two projects in one brief, and they were treated as two parts during semester 1. The first few weeks of the project focused on Remake- this involved choosing a sufficiently complex existing designer menswear outfit and attempting to remake it ourselves. This meant working on patterns, learning new construction techniques and perfecting small details, which gave us all a real challenge, and allowed us to learn a lot of new skills to take forward into future projects. It also meant learning to work a bit more independently on the pattern work and construction, something which we all struggled with at first, but has been very rewarding in hind-sight. For my remake project, I chose an outfit from Thom Browne's SS14 collection, and I feel I've managed to replicate it well. Part two of this brief was 'redesign' which involved us putting a new spin on the remake garment we chose. We could do this many ways, however, I decided to take specific design details from Thom Browne's designs in the SS14 collection, and combine them on a more contemporary design. I wanted to do this because his collection was directly related to old-fashioned military-wear, and also had quite an effeminate twist on it, so I wanted to create something more modern, so designed a shirt that was long, loose fitting and very casual. I also altered the shorts design from something very exagerated in shape and almost costume, to a design more slick and modern. I actually really love my redesign outfit, especially the shorts which include some wonderful pockets which unfortunately aren't shown in these photos. 

[Model: Sam Beckwith-Cole]

I really hope you found this post both interesting and informative, and as I said previously, if you have any questions about a Fashion Design course, please ask them in the comments - I always reply to all comments, and am more than happy to answer any Q's you may have! Additionally, if you are interested in keeping up with the work I do during term time, the best way to do this is to follow me on my instagram [@ashcam96] where I post many updates on each project I do!
Thanks for reading! 

-- AshCam 


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