Friday, 22 January 2016

New Year Purchases

On the lead up to Christmas and the beginning of New Year I have bought a few things on random shopping trips and online browses, and I thought I'd share my new purchases with you all, because I personally love seeing what people have bought and getting inspired by them!

[clothbound classics]
I have wanted my own copies of both these books for ages. In fact, I'm wanting to build up a collection of the classics and read them all, so these two books are the newest additions to that plan. I have already read Frankenstein, and it is probably one of my favourite books, plus it takes me back to memories of my A-Level English class which was one of my favourite lessons! However, I didn't want to just buy an ordinary paper back edition, and have been looking in lots of book shops for something more special, and came across these 'clothbound classics' in a book shop in Broadway. They cost £14.99 each, and are worth every penny- just look how beautiful they are! I now can't wait to read Wuthering Heights and re-read Frankenstein! 
[Books available here: Frankenstein, Wuthering Heights]

After getting a new phone just after Christmas, I needed to buy a new case to help protect it. With my last phone I only bought a simple black rubber case, so with this new phone I wanted to get something a bit more interesting, and actually spend more than a couple of pounds on it! However, I was really struggling to find a Samsung phone case design that I liked, as most of the designs are made for iphones. This lead me to the idea of personalising a phone case with a design I like. I did a bit of research and found the website 'Photobox' [link here] suited what I was after the best, so I uploaded some images I liked and tested out the designs on a virtual image of the phone. The website makes it so easy to compare and contrast phone case designs, and also gives you an option for single photos or collages, and gloss or matte finishes. For my phone case I wanted a Harry Potter themed design, and ended up using an image I'd saved from pinterest. I did a slight bit of colour editing on photoshop to enhance the blues and saturate some of the other colours, and also make it slightly sharper, and I'm so happy with the colour and image quality. 

I bought these T's before Christmas, however, they're still available to buy from the seller, so I thought I'd add them into this mini haul. I bought three t-shirts from the seller 'direct_prints', the simpler grey and black T's with 'The 1975' written on them, and an American Horror Story themed t-shirt worn in this post. I love these t-shirts, I got medium and large sizes for them so that they would be oversized, and I love the way they fit, and the t-shirt quality is really good. Plus the prices are just so good! These t-shirts are only 3 designs from the massive range they have, and I definitely recommend buying from them.
[T-shirt links here: Grey 1975, Black 1975, American Horror Story]

Again, this was bought before Christmas, but is still available to buy, so I wanted to put it in this post. Yes, it is yet another 1975 t-shirt, but this one I bought at the concert in Southampton that I went to. I LOVE the design for this T, and have worn is so much since buying it! I'm pretty sure that the following days after the concert I wore it both day and night- bit gross, I must admit...!
Whilst I bought this at the concert, this t-shirt is available, along with many other designs, on their online merch website [here].

I LOVE THESE SHOES! These are the first pair of trainers I've owned in 3/4 years! Basically since my cat peed in my last pair! I bought these because as part of a 'new years resolution' type thing I've decided to join a couple of my housemate at the gym every week to go to a 'Body-Jam' class, so I wanted to use the January sales to my advantage and invest in a pair of trainers.  I wanted to have a decent pair of trainers that are suitable for indoor and outdoor sports, but also wanted them to be stylish so that I can wear them for everyday use and create outfits with them. After doing much research both online and in-store, I went with these, and I am so happy with them! They must be one of the comfiest shoes I've ever owned, and they just look so smart- I can't stop wearing them at the moment! If you're looking to buy some new trainers, these are definitely a good pair- plus if you're quick you should still get them on offer here on JJB sports!

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you've bought any of these items! 

-- AshCam



  1. I love that phone case and all those tshirts! I can tell someone is a fan!!! You have picked up some lovely things this month x

    1. Haha yeah, just a bit of a fan...! Thank you, and thank you for reading
      -- AshCam X


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