Monday, 11 January 2016


This stuff is actually amazing! I tried using it a few years ago when people in my year at school began obsessing over it, but I didn't like it, and so I never bought it again. However, I've recently begun washing my hair every other day in a bid to help it grow and keep it healthy (due to dying and bleaching it so much!), and decided to pick one up and give it another try, and I am now obsessed with it! I feel like I must not have used it properly all those years ago because I don't understand why I didn't get on with it! Many of you will probably already of used and heard of Batiste's products, but I couldn't do this favourites post without including it this month! 

 I have followed Bleach London and used so many of their products over the past few years of dying and bleaching my hair, illustrated in my hair post lastyear, and so I automatically bought their products when re-bleaching my hair over the Christmas holidays. Like before, I used the bleaching kit and the white toner, but I also bought their Silver Shampoo to help get rid of lasting yellow/orange tones in the bleached hair, and this seriously is a miracle worker! I've only used it a few times since bleaching my hair, and it has done wonders for creating a beautiful ombre blonde colour! 

THIS ALBUM OH MY WORD IT'S A BEAUTY! I'm sorry for unleashing my crazy there, but seriously, Troye Sivan is a music genius, and has produced an incredible album that I am just obsessed with. When I first listened to it I was immediately drawn to 2 tracks in particular; WILD, and TALK ME DOWN, and they were literally the only thing I listened to for about a week! Not even joking! I have since listened to the rest of the album just as much, and it's safe to say I am obsessed!

This was another BBC series that aired over Christmas in the UK. It tells the famous Agatha Christie murder mystery, and was done in 3-hour-long parts, and featured many famous faces, like Aidan Turner, and Charles Dance. The series was brilliant, it was so gripping and kept me wanting more after each episode! I would definitely recommend watching this if you didn't catch it over Christmas. 

Yes, I realise I am late in joining this bandwagon just like with dry shampoo, but better late than never! And oh my word, if you still haven't got one of these bad boys, then you really should get one. I really wasn't sure if I'd find it as fun and therapeutic as everyone else seems to, but after my stressful week with big uni deadlines I sat and got my colouring book out, and it was just so relaxing! I was given 2 as Christmas gifts, one is a Doctor Who one, and the other is called 'Secret Garden' and is created by Johanna Basford. I love both, and know I will be getting a lot of use from them next term when I need a break from the stresses of my uni work!

I have been obsessed with the BBC series of Sherlock since it started a few years ago, but with the Christmas/New Year special having just been aired, I have found myself re-watching all of the Sherlock episodes right from the beginning, and so I had to place it in my favourites from last month. Also, the 'Abominable Bride' episode was just amazing- let me know what you thought if you saw it!

I remember seeing the trailer for this film when it was out in the cinema, and making a mental note that I must see it at some point, and over Christmas I finally fulfilled this want. The film is action packed, humorous, and directed so well, with such an amazing cast to go along with it. Colin Firth is awesome in this film, and just oozes cool! Definitely a must see! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I'm hoping after this I'm going to get back into my Monday & Friday posting routine. Sorry for the lack of posts over the past couple of weeks, but with Christmas, New Year, and then the first big deadline of my 2nd year Fashion Design degree being just last Friday, I found I had no time to even think about writing blog posts. However, with all three of those things out the way, I want to get back to posting, and have a long list of blog post ideas I want to write! Hope you're all having a wonderful start to 2016, and I'd love to hear about anything that you were loving throughout December, so drop me a comment below!

-- AshCam



  1. I must agree I love this dry shampoo so much, such a great variety of favorites.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog
    @MeghanSSilva on Instagram

    1. I know! It's such a life-saver in the mornings!


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