Monday, 18 January 2016

Casual Grunge Make-Up + Hair Look

[Photos taken by Maria Cameron]

This is the make up and hair look I had for my last outfit post, BLACKOUT. I loved this grunge-y messy and dark style, and was originally a bit of an experiment, but turned into something I loved and can see myself wearing a lot.
The hair was pretty simple to create: I washed it the previous morning, and the night before I french plaited my hair and slept on it [see this instagram post to see the french plaits I did]. Then in the morning, I untied my hair, and brushed it out completely to loosen the waves and make them look a bit more natural. Waves and curls in my hair fall out pretty fast, so brushing probably effected my hair more than it would for some of you, however, the more you brush it the looser it gets. I then used a tonne of VO5's 'Give Me Texture' Dry Texturing Spray, putting it all over my hair, rubbing it in and scrunching my hair up to give it natural looking volume. I then used my hairspray to help set the hair in place, and I was good to go!

With my make-up I wanted to try and create a grunge-style, everyday, dark eye look using a lot of black eyeliner. I had been inspired by make-up worn by Ashley Benson's Pretty Little Liars character Hanna Marin in one of the earlier seasons [during her dark phase for those who know the series] and so kept everything  but the eyes looking quite natural and pale.
To create the eyes I took a black pencil liner and lined along both the top and bottom lash line, and on the upper and bottom waterline. I then used a small eyeshadow brush and smudged the liner along the lash lines. Then, using the same small brush I used a charcoal/black eyeshadow shade and blended it into the smudged liner on my lid. After this, I used a grey shade and layered it on top of the black eyeshadow using a fluffy blending brush. The grey I used was actually quite light and shows up a lot in these photos, but I think a dark grey would look equally as effective on the lid. Using the same fluffy brush, I finished off the eyelid eyeshadow with a pale nude/pink shade and filled up the rest of my eyelid, blending it with the grey/black up to my outer crease. I then re-lined both waterlines using the black liner, and also took a blue pencil eyeliner and put that along the lower waterline to help bring out the blue of my eyes. 

Hope you liked this look- let me know what you think and if you try it out! 

-- AshCam


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