Friday, 4 December 2015

Christmas Q&A

Do you do anything to countdown to the day?
I usually have an advent calendar and open a door a day- not all of them at once, or eat 1 week at a time! When I was younger I also used to cross the days off on my calendar. 

What decorations do you put up?
When I was at uni I last year I put up loads of decorations. I had snowflake stickers on my bedroom window, baubles and bells on ribbon strung along one of my walls, and tinsel along shelves. This year I'm living in a house, and we have had a small tree and Christmassy fairy lights in the lounge since the middle of November! I'm pretty sure we'll be buying some tinsel to put around the house at some point too! At my family home we always get a real Christmas tree which is decorated beautifully by my Mum with lights and baubles. Then we have a wreath outside the front door, lights on the front of our house, and Christmas decorations dotted around the house. 

Do you have a proper Christmas dinner?
We always have a Christmas dinner, but it not always on Christmas day itself. 

When do you open gifts?
On Christmas day we're usually all awake by 8:30/9:00am, and we all sit in my parent's bedroom and open presents in our stockings. Then we'll open the rest of the presents throughout the day stopping for meals and tv shows/films in the evenings. Although, we're all very slow at opening presents in my family, so present opening has been known to continue until the evening! 

What's on your Christmas list this year?
Breville Blender (so that I can make smoothies at uni)
Doctor Who box sets 5 & 6
Woman in Black book by Susan Hill

Favourite thing about Christmas?
I love the excitement and happy feeling I wake up with on Christmas morning, and the way there's something so warm about spending the whole day at home with my family. Another favourite part is watching the Doctor Who Christmas special every year!

What's your favourite thing to eat on Christmas day?
It would have to be the roast potatoes my Mum makes when we have Christmas dinner, or the homemade Gluten Free profiteroles which are just heaven!

Do you have any Christmas traditions?
Opening stockings as soon as we wake up in the morning. 
Going into my sister's room as soon as I wake up.
Watching the Strictly Come Dancing and Doctor Who Christmas specials.

What time do you wake up on Christmas day?
Usually it's between 7:30 and 8:00am

Favourite Christmas outfit over the years?
My most memorable outfit was the one I wore at Christmas in either 2004 or 2005, pictured in the photo at the top of this post. I loved the dress, and my sister had a similar one which she wore on the day too.

If you could have Christmas dinner with 5 celebrities, who would they be?
Michael Clifford
Taylor Swift
Matty Healy
Harry Styles
Emma Stone

What is your favourite Christmas film?
I have a lot of favourite Christmas films, but if  had to choose one, I think my favourite would be the film adaptation of Terry Pratchett's 'The Hogfather'. 

What are your top 3 Christmas songs?
Ariana Grande - Santa Tell Me
Leona Lewis - One More Sleep
Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You



  1. I love all of your answers and I open my christmas presents the same way that you do :) I might actually steal this Q&A and do it myself if that's okay with you xx

    1. Thank you! Ahh really- definitely the best way to open the presents!
      Yeah, absolutely! I'd love to make this a tag and spread it around the blogosphere!
      -- AshCam


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