Friday, 23 October 2015

Staying Organised at University

Staying organised at uni can be a real task on it's own. Add in running a blog, plus having a social life and down-time, and it becomes extremely hard to balance it all!  This year I decided I wanted to make sure I stay on top of it all, and have adopted a few techniques in order to make sure everything gets done, with a little time for myself to spare. 

1. Have notebooks for everything:
When I say everything, I mean everything! I have a separate notebook for all areas of my course, for my blog, and another for general notes and to-do lists. In my course I need to write a lot of notes for practical sessions to do with my projects and sketchbooks, I also have a Marketing and Branding notebook for my written coursework, and then finally I have my notebook for blogging ideas and planning posts. Having these separate makes it super easy to keep organised with each, and find the notes I want when I need them.

2. Using my diary properly:
I bought a brand new diary for this new university year, and wrote all my key dates, birthdays, and whole timetable into it. I also made sure my diary had a page a day, with times set out along the side so that I can keep track easily when I need to get to places. Having a page per day has also been mega useful because I would not be able to write down my day in a normal sized diary! I've made a real effort in using my diary to write down everything, and it's made such a difference to my organisation this year.

3. To-do lists:
I've never found to-do lists helpful in the past. In fact I usually ignore them after 2 or 3 instructions, and do my own thing, resulting in me not getting it all done. This year, however, I've made a conscious effort to write to-do lists and stick to them, which has meant I've managed to get loads done! It's also really helping me with my blog organisation, and I have so far managed to continue to upload twice a week for the past 4 weeks.

4. Giving myself breaks:
This is so important! You mustn't overwork yourself for too long, because you end up losing motivation to do that work very quickly! I usually have one morning in a week where I allow myself to chill, and I've also made sure to keep up with my favourite TV shows and Youtubers, which makes the work seem a little less intense. When I'm in uni all day, I've learnt to have an hour or two break when I finally get home, as then I feel better to get into the work.

5. Getting up early most days:
I've got into a routine of getting up around 7:30/8am most days. The weird thing is, I quite enjoy it! I firstly like being up in the morning, because I feel fresher when I get up early, as opposed to lying in until midday (anyone else feel the same?) Then, secondly, I like knowing I have the day to do all my work, and I don't feel so bad when I have an evening off watching films or socialising with my housemates. This is also how I've managed to get so much of my coursework and blogging done these past few weeks.

6. Having earlier nights:
I need my sleep to function. And whilst I haven't managed to adhere to this every night, due to night's out, and doing work until the early hours, I have made sure I catch up on following days. This also helps me with my last point, because having a relatively early night means I wake up feeling like I've had a proper amount of sleep.

These are some of the things I've been doing to keep organised this term, and I definitely feel it's been making a difference to my work this year, compared to my first year, and so far my I've kept my motivation to do work up. Hope this has helped some of you, and please share any other organisation tips in the comments!

-- AshCam


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