Monday, 5 October 2015

Instagram Month Round Up #3

September's over?!?! 
I cannot believe just how quick it went! A lot happened this past month, so maybe that's why it seemed to go so fast for me. After having a final farewell to my friends going off to uni at the beginning of the month, I then was on holiday in Cornwall for a week with my family. I loved our holiday of Cornwall, and it was great to explore a new part we'd never been to. It was also great to shut off from the world and relax, but also enjoy walks around the area, and visit places like Melinsey Mill, The Hidden Hut, and Trelissick Gardens.

Soon, my final week at home came, and I was having to get everything ready for moving back to Winchester for my second year of fashion design. I do miss home, and always love spending time there with my family, but I am now happily back at Winchester School of Art and getting used to the new (and very busy) timetable I've been given. Also, I absolutely love my new room, and shall hopefully be doing a room tour post in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for that! 

Now that I'm back at uni, I'm having to put all my efforts into my coursework, as it's important I stay focused on that in order to get the best marks I can. This means I won't be posting on here as regularly as I have this Summer. However, I aim to try a routine of posting once a week - I'm thinking every Monday? And then if your lucky there may be a second post every now and then! 

-- AshCam


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