Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Roseland Peninsula Walk


[Photo taken by Loren Cameron]

[Photo taken by Loren Cameron]
Photo taken by Maria Cameron]
Photo taken by Maria Cameron]

After visiting Melinsey Mill on our last day, we parked up at a National Trust car park and began the walk around the Roseland Peninsula. We stopped at one beach at the beginning and had a walk along the sand and a paddle in the sea, still trying to entice the dog to dip his feet, but he was still not having it!
We then moved on along the footpaths at the edges of fields where there was always a view of the beaches and sea! The views all around us were just amazing, and as you can see I took a lot of photos - in fact this post could have been a lot longer, but I restrained myself on putting too many photos up haha! My sister, Loren, and I were super happy when we found a random hay bale on the side of one field, and decided to relive childhood memories by climbing on and sitting on it for a few minutes!
The walk was long and tiring, but so worth it for all the amazing views along the way! It was a great way to spend our final afternoon in Cornwall, and I hope to go back to this part of Cornwall sometime soon.

-- AshCam


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