Sunday, 20 September 2015

Trelissick Gardens: Woodland Walk


[Photography by Ashleigh Cameron & Maria Cameron]

After catching the King Harry Ferry, we parked up at the National Trust Trelissick Gardens and went on the woodland walk. You can also explore the actual gardens there, but we decided to just do the woodland walk. I absolutely loved the walk, and the views all the way around the track were just amazing, which was really fun to photograph! I love forests and trees, and the fact that the leaves were just beginning to fall made it feel very autumnal, which made me even happier! I bet it'll look amazing in the midst of Autumn when all the trees have properly changed colour!
My sister was also very happy as there were lots of trees to perch on and climb! I attempted to join her on one tree trunk that lay above a stream, however, I didn't get very far and my jeans just got muddy haha! 
After the walk we had a sit down, drink and cake at the little cafe they have there. It was great to find they had a few gluten free options, like cake, ice cream, and crimbles macaroons! I went for their homemade lime, lemon and orange cake- it was lush! There was also a book shop with lovely second-hand books, a art shop with unusual pottery and paintings, and a general gift shop. 
All in all it was such a lovely day out, and I hope to go back again and see the woodland in a different season! 

-- AshCam


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