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I had a couple of friend's birthdays towards the end of July and because they are going to uni this September I wanted to get them a few things which they could take with them. For both of them I wanted to get a cute little notebook for jotting down reminders and general stuff which they could use in and out of uni, because my sister's room-mate bought me one before I went off and it was invaluable to me! So, I set about looking for little notebooks, and decided to have a look on to see what quirky ones they had. I wasn't disappointed, and ended up sorting the notebooks for them, and also bought another for myself for when I go back to my uni in September! I was so impressed with the products and the way my orders were dealt with, that I thought I'd share what I got with you! 

 The first product I bought was this cute A5 Cat notebook from 'IlikeCATSshop'. As I said before, I was looking for notebooks for my two friends, and didn't have the intention to buy anything for myself, but when I saw this I couldn't not buy it for me- it screamed my name! If you don't know already, I am OBSESSED with cats, and my family get so fed up of me talking about our cat Ella, so the caption on this notebook pretty much sums me up! Plus the pricing was too good, at just £4.00, I had to buy it, and I love it and cannot wait to use it when I'm back at uni this September! 
The packaging was also so cute, and they had little stickers and cards thanking me for my order, which I thought was a really cute and personal touch. I've left a link to their Etsy page in the sub-heading above the pictures, so go check it out! 

These are the two notebooks I bought for my friends. The business 'Alfamarama' (try saying that quickly!) has such a wide selection of these with lots of different funny captions, which made it very hard for me to narrow it down. They don't just do these notebooks, they have greeting cards and wall decorations with these captions on too, and I loved having a browse through their selection! I've left the link for their Etsy page in the sub-heading above these pictures, so you can have a look yourself. 
These were also packaged really well, and arrived only a few days after ordering them, which was really great!

Have you got any favourites at the moment??

-- AshCam


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