Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Church Street Townhouse | Gluten Free Restaurant Review

Whilst in Stratford-Upon-Avon on Sunday, we went to the Church Street Townhouse restaurant there. My Dad had been researching Gluten Free restaurants in the area, and found their menu online, and I have to say how impressive the menu was for gluten free options. Not only was the food lovely, but the service was great, and the restaurant decor itself was really beautiful and quirky, which made the whole thing extra special!

Above is a screen shot of the main menu they have online, but if you wish to view it on their website click here
If there is a G next to a meal, it signifies that they can make this in gluten free. I had the fish and chips, which, for those of you worrying about contamination within the frying pan, it is only ever made gluten free- they use a GF beer batter for all orders of fish and chips, so there will never be a contamination issue. I didn't take a picture of my pudding, however, I had THE BEST chocolate ice cream with a gluten free chocolate cookie. I had expected just the GF ice cream, which did I mention was DELICIOUS, but the GF cookie on the side was such a cute touch! 
Also, speaking to the staff there, they said they are working towards making the whole menu gluten free, which I think is just amazing, because in all my 17 years as a coeliac, I have never been to anywhere or heard of anywhere that has a solely gluten free menu! I cannot recommend this place enough, and was just so impressed by everything about it! I will definitely be going back again- and hopefully soon! 

If you want to find out more about the place have a look on their website: here
Has anyone got any other GF restaurant recommendations??

-- AshCam


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