Saturday, 18 July 2015

Packing for a Weekend in London

When this post goes up I will already be in London, but before I head off I thought I'd do a quick post on what I've packed for the weekend away! My packing style is get everything out and then narrow it down- especially when it comes to clothes as it takes me ages to decide on outfits to take with me- however, this weekend I really wanted to pack light as I'm travelling on my own, and to my surprise I think I did quite well...ish! 

So those are all the clothes I'm taking. I realise I have way more outfits than I'll need, but I always pack more tops than necessary because I'm prone to changing my mind last minute when choosing what to wear! I'm also taking my trusty Doc Marten's which I will wear tomorrow whilst I'm travelling to London.
I then thought I'd show what I pack beauty-wise, electronic-wise, and then the general stuff I pack too. 
I try and take the absolute beauty basics when going away so that I can pack light. I absolutely love the mini shampoo and conditioners and am so pleased I found these a few weeks ago, because they save sosososo much room in my bags! 

This is all the makeup I take with me- mostly Rimmel London products because I just love their stuff, but some other brands mixed in there. For those of you wondering the Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick is number 08. Let me know if you want me to go into more detail with these products and I can do a separate post on what I've packed for going away. 

These are all my electronice essentials I take away with me: this includes camera battery/charging equipment, phone/phonecharger,  stylus, portable charger (which I wrote about in my June Favourites), iPod and headphones. 

These are pretty much my handbag essentials; I've got my purse, train tickets, oyster card, mints, mini hairbrush/mirror, sunglasses (from, and a pack of nairns oat biscuits. 

So above are all the bags packed ready to go! As I said before, I much prefer taking small bags when I'm travelling on my own because I'm such a weakling, so I find carrying a suitcase around really hard, whereas these don't seem so heavy! Plus smaller bags force me to not pack so much haha! I'm super excited for this weekend as I'm meeting up with my sister and my cousins and we have lots of plans to do some cool stuff which I shall hopefully document with my camera and write about when I'm back- so stay tuned next week for lots of cool posts!

What are your plans for the weekend??

-- AshCam


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