Wednesday, 1 July 2015

June Favourites

I love reading through people's monthly favourites, in fact they are some of my favourite YouTube videos and blog posts! I've never actually done one on my blog, so I thought I would start following the trend of doing my monthly favourites. I realise I have missed June by 1 day, but I thought I'd squeeze it in now anyway! 

I have struggled each year to try and tan naturally- and whilst I don't have a problem with my pale skin, I always envy people with a sun-kissed glow in the summer, and wanted to be able to wear shorts and not reflect the sun with my legs! So, this Summer I decided I would try out a gradual tan, so that I could build up a natural looking, light tan. After researching lots of different products, I decided to test out this one, and I've been really happy with how well it's worked- plus it smells amazing! There is also a deep sun-kissed version for those who want a more intense tan. 

Whilst I really want to tan, it's also really important to stay protected from the Sun. However, I hate the feeling of Sun-cream on my skin, and always feel they're so heavy. Nevertheless, I've found my sun-cream savior! This Nivea Sunscreen is an invisible spray mist, so it's light and refreshing, whilst still having the same protection as other products. 

I used this mascara when I first began using make-up properly in Year 7 (8 years ago), and I remember loving it then. However, since then I have continued changing my mascara every time I buy one, until recently I decided to buy this one again, and I was pleasantly surprised to find I still really like it! It's not clumpy, has a nice small brush, extends the lashes well, and gives just the right amount of volume. Definitely recommend you try this! 

I've been trying to perfect the winged eyeliner/cat-eye look for a while now, but have been beginning to get the hang of it these past few weeks, and I believe it's down to the products I'm using. I'm not entirely sure how long I've had this Maybelline eyeliner burried in my make-up bag, but when I found it a few weeks back, I decided I'd try it out, and have been obsessed with it since! I genuinely think this little product is the reason my cat-eye eyeliner is getting good now! The colour is a good dark black, and the pen itself is a good size for application, not being too big, but also not being thin and small. 

I discovered Hannah's channel about a month ago, and I have been really loving her videos! She's a beauty/fashion/lifestyle YouTuber, with a few random videos added in. Hannah also has a vlog channel, which she's recently begun posting on regularly, and again, I've been loving her videos on there too! She's only been doing YouTube videos for about a year, but she's already got a good following, and I just love her content- you should check both her channels out! 

THIS SERIES OH MY WORD! I cannot even put into words my love for this series- I discovered PLL when I first got Netflix last year, and since then have watched and re-watched each of the seasons over and over again! And now, it's back with season 6, and it is just amazing! I cannot recommend this series enough to you all- it's just SO GOOD!  Please let me know in the comments if you watch this, and we can discuss some A theories! 

WARNING: This programme is definitely not for younger viewers, as it is as rude as Big Brother, but probably a bit more graphic! It is one of those programmes where you mock it because it's just trashy TV, but you can't help but watch it, and end up hooked- and that's me right now-- hooked! If you like Made In Chelsea/TOWIE/Big Brother style programmes, this will be your sort of programme! 

I discovered Louisa Wendorff's music when she did a mash-up cover of Taylor Swift's Style and Blank Space. After hearing that, I subsribed to her YouTube channel and became a bit obsessed with her music! Then a couple of weeks ago she released a new single, Let You Love Me, and yet again, I am in love with it and have had it playing on repeat a lot! 

This album is so good! I have been a fan of Mika ever since I heard his first UK single 'Grace Kelly', and my family have bought all of his albums, and this newest edition is not a disappointment. It's got a good mix of upbeat and slow songs, and his lyrics are just so clever and witty at points. I'm also currently obsessed with two of the songs on the album, which are the first two tracks on there- 'Talk About You' and 'All She Wants'! Go have a listen if you haven't, but let me know what are your favourite tracks when you do! 

I always get really excited when new GF products go on sale, and got especially excited when I saw these GF onion rings in the free from frozen section at Tescos! I immediately dived into the freezer and picked up a pack wihtout thinking, and was so happy to find that they tasted amazing. I've always been so envious of my parents and sister whenever they had onion rings, and now I have my own!  

My friends and I are going camping this Thursday, and so I wanted and needed to find a portable charger which would keep my phone alive from then until Sunday. However, I didn't have the money to spend on the really powerful ones, and also wanted it to be small enough to carry around in a handbag. After lots of research, I finally settled on this one, and I am really happy with it so far! It fits prefectly in my handbag, so was really useful when I was walking around all day in London. Whlst charging up the power bank fully takes about 9 hours, it has a lot of charge in it enough to charge my phone 3 times and still have 2/4 bars full! Really great gadget for an affordable price! 

And that's it for my favourites this month- I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you did then I shall hopefully continue to do these each month. I'd love to hear what are all of your favourite things at the moment, so please write them in the comments below! 

-- AshCam


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