Sunday, 26 July 2015

Current Favourite YouTube Channels: Top 5

I watch a hell of a lot of YouTube, and love nothing better than spending the day catching up with all the videos from my favourite channels! YouTube has also been a big influence for my blog, so I thought I'd share with you all my current top 5 YouTube channels! 

Gabriella Lindley, also known as 'VelvetGhost' has two channels, a main channel and a vlogging channel. Her main channel, linked: here, is a lifestyle/beauty/music channel and is really fun and interesting, but in this post I want to talk about her vlogging channel! I love her vlogs usually, but recently I've become obsessed with them and never want to miss one because they're just awesome! Gabby is totally relatable, fun, and has the most adorable cat Nelly - which is a bonus for me because of my obsession with cats! For all these reasons it has entered into my current top 5 favourite YouTube channels-- go have a watch! 

I love, love, LOVE Nikki Phillippi's channel! She literally covers everything I love in YouTube channels-- beauty, fashion, life, health, DIYs, and so much more. She's got such a bubbly and infectious personality, which acually reminds me a little of Taylor Swift, and she makes every video unique and interesting! Though she's been around for a long time, I only discovered her in recent months, but have been immediately hooked to her videos. You should definitely go check out her channel if you haven't already, and she also has a vlogging channel with her husband which is just as great! 

I've mentioned Hannah's YouTube channels in previous posts of mine, and I'm going to mention them again! I cannot get enough of her videos- both from her main channel and her vlogging channel! Again, she covers all aspects, and her bubbly personality makes for really great vids. Her interaction with her followers is also awesome, and she's constantly getting them involved and asking what they want to see from her channel- for example, she's recently beginning a series of make-up videos for beginners, going through how she does different aspects of her make-up. Whilst she doesn't have as many followers as the two youtubers I mentioned above, she is definitely one to watch! 

'Jazzybum', real name Jasmine, is another youtuber who's content covers a wide range of things, making it interesting for a wide range of people. She has an infectiously happy personality, and really cares for her viewers, always trying to reply to comments left by followers. I also love her DIYs and think they're really creative, but simple to achieve, with a great and useful outcome! If channel's like Zoella's interest you, then this is one to start watching too! 

I know I had her blog in my 'Current Favourite Blogs: Top 5', but her YouTube channels are just so awesome too, so I couldn't not include her in this post! Beautycrush/Sammi Marie is such a lovely person, and creates such interesting videos, covering a wide range of content including beauty, lifestyle, travel, and fashion. It is well worth hitting the subscribe button on both this channel and her vlogging channel! 

And so concludes my current top 5 favourite YouTube channels! I hope you've ejoyed this post, and that I've allowed you to discover some new people to watch! I'd love to know what channels you can't stop watching at the moment, so leave a comment below with your top 5 favourite YouTube channels! 

-- AshCam


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