Sunday, 28 June 2015

Topshop Summer Favourites + My Recent Purchases

When I was in London last week/weekend I took a trip to my favourite place to shop, Topshop! In fact, I took two trips- one to the Kensington High Street store, and the other trip to the one opposite Harrods in Knightsbridge. I love, love, LOVE the Topshop stores in London, because they are so much bigger than the one near me in Cheltenham, so I always end up being drawn into them, and can never resist buying a new item or two whist I'm there!
During my trips to the London stores I bought three items, but I also recently went to the Topshop store in West Quay shopping centre in Southampton and bought two tops from there. I thought, seeing as I love reading these posts on other people's blogs, I would show you what I bought, but also some of the items that could have easily ended up in my basket!

Starting from left-hand-side: Mesh Insert Skater Dress, Ribbed Cropped Cami, MOTO Button Front A-Line Skirt, MOTO Denim Zip Front Dress.
Above are the four product images of the items I bought in my three recent trips, and then below are some close-up pictures of them. The two dresses and the denim skirt were bought in London, whilst the crop top's were bought in Southampton - however, for some reason I could only find the grey crop top on their website, but you can see a picture of the light green one below.

The denim skirt was £28, and the two tops are £6 individually, however, I ended up getting the two for £10 because of a deal at the time. 

The grey mesh dress was originally £36, but I bought it for £15 in the sale, and the denim dress was £38.

Whilst wondering around the two stores last week I saw so many other items that really caught my eye, so I thought I would hunt the items down on the website so that I can share them with you and give you some Topshop summer fashion inspiration!

Starting from top-left: Fringed Hem Scoop Vest, Waterfall Front Parka Jacket, Ombre Feather Gilet, Floral Print Overlay Dress, MOTO Black Short Dungarees, Embroidered Fringe Kimono, Tile Print Wide Leg Trousers, MOTO Washed Black Tally Flares, Kingfisher Espadrilles, Suede Button Front A-Line Skirt, Suede Fringe Backpack, Deck Chair Striped Midi Dress.
Are there any products in Topshop that you're loving at the moment?

-- AshCam


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