Tuesday, 23 June 2015

London Streets, Mews' and Lots of Hot Chocolate

I love walking around the small streets of London, and in avoiding all the main roads and high streets to get to places, you come across beautiful roads and beautiful buildings. 
I can never really decide whether or not I could live in London or not, always battling with my love of the city and the feeling that it's too crowded. However, when I see these picturesque streets I find myself visualising myself living there, and living the London lifestyle. If only I had the money.... maybe in the future I will..??

I also fell in love with the little Mews' hidden around London's busy streets, I think they're so sweet. It's funny because you walk down them and you couldn't feel farther from London, yet a few more steps and you're back in the midst of the London we all know. 

After a long day of walking around, there's nothing better than getting back to the hotel and having a hot chocolate in the cafe/bar section of the reception area. I had so many of these hot chocolates over the five days I was in London, and no, I don't care that it's Summer, everyday is a day for hot chocolate in my mind! 

-- AshCam


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