Saturday, 13 June 2015

Goodbye to Halls of Residence

As you know my first year at university is now over (WHAT?!) and so with the end of year one, comes also the end of my time at the halls of residence I was living in. I moved out exactly a week ago, and it was certainly a very weird feeling removing all my belongings and locking the door to the little room that had become my home-from-home. Was also very strange saying goodbye to the last of my housemates left there. Although I am living with four of them next year, it is still weird to go from seeing them every day, to not seeing them until mid-August! (If any of you lot are reading this, I miss you already!)

Anyway, I thought I'd dedicate a little post to mark the actual end of my first year away at university. From being absolutely terrified when I moved into halls, I now will really miss it, and miss having all my first-year friends just next door. I would not change a moment of the past 9 months at WSA, though only wish I knew how much fun I would have and how happy I would be last September, that way I could have spared myself the terrible nerves I had over moving away from home!
 I do realise how lucky I've been, and am very grateful and happy about how this past year has gone for me, however, I urge you prospective first years to try not to worry too much about moving to uni this Summer, and just take it in your stride as it comes- I'm sure you'll have an amazing time, and like me, wonder why you ever worried at all!

Now, this post would not be complete without some pictures of my room before and after everything had gone, and then also the car completely packed up! 

This was what my room looked like when everything was in its place (and tidy)

This was everything all packed up and piled high

All my belongings packed up- you can see why I was so terrified we wouldn't fit it all in the car!

My room all empty!

My belongings all stuffed into the car
[Photo Credit- Maria Cameron]

The boot- and apparently we had extra space!
[Photo Credit - Maria Cameron]

I'm genuinely shocked we managed to fit it all into the car, with room for me to sit in it, and I had been stressing ALL week about it, messaging my Mum and warning her that I thought they'd need to come back for some of it! However, as you see, it was in fact fine in the end, and my Dad even said there was room for some more, so I believe that gives me the nod for bringing even more clothes and shoes next year, right?! Joking... sort of! 

-- Ash Cam


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