Friday, 26 June 2015

First Driving Lesson

I had my first driving lesson!

My lesson was booked for 6-8pm on Wednesday, and whilst I didn't mind having this time when I first booked it, it ended up meaning that I was stressing about it the whole day. I'm like this with all new experiences, such as before my A-Level exams, and also before going off to uni. However. like with moving to uni and doing exams, I stress lots about them, and then once I get it over with I realise it's nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be. Nevertheless, I would advise to any learner drivers to book your lessons for earlier on in the day if you can, especially if you're a stress-head like me! 

Despite all the anxiety, I actually kind of enjoyed my lesson. It was intense, and required a lot of concentration, and I was nervous for a lot of it, but after a while I did begin to relax, and I think I even started to get the hang of certain things.
One of my main worries was that my instructor was going to get me driving to places straight away, and I felt I wasn't ready for that. However, I was completely wrong- first off I was in the passenger seat as she drove to a quiet industrial estate. She then parked up at the top of an empty road, and then began going through each of the basic rules to driving and setting up the car. We then swapped seats, and she began to set me up for driving step-by-step; adjusting the seat, mirrors, and then getting onto rules for getting the car started and moving, and also for braking. Only once I was comfortable enough, did she get me to start the car and get driving. All the time I was driving she kept a close eye on me, helped out with steering, and also used her dual control pedals when needed. All my nightmare scenarios I'd thought up did not come true, and the whole experience was actually quite fun, so for those worriers like me, try and relax about it- it will not be as bad as you think! 

I hope this post has helped ease any first-time drivers nerves, and given you an insight into what a first lesson is actually like. If any of you reading this are about to have your first lesson, I would advise you take some water to keep you hydrated, also make sure you take your provisional license with you as they will need to see that. It is also hugely important you've had enough sleep the night before, and also that you eat enough food before your lesson to keep your energy levels up, because, as I said earlier, you will require a lot of concentration!
Otherwise, my advise would be to just try and enjoy it- it's not a test, and you are one of many people that are learning to drive, and your instructor will have taught all sorts of abilities before you, so don't worry if you're a bit rubbish to start off with- I'm sure we'll all get to grips with it all eventually! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them below, and also out of interest are any of you learning to drive at the moment?? 

-- AshCam


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