Monday, 29 June 2015

Current Favourite Blogs: Top 5

I wouldn't be a blogger if it wasn't for my love of reading other people's blogs, and many of the blogs I follow were a real inspiration for me starting a blog of my own. Since joining the blogging community I have discovered even more blogs that I love and I'm continually checking them to make sure I haven't missed a new post! I thought it would be great to share these with you, so I put together my current top 5 blogs, which will hopefully let you discover new bloggers and start new obsessions! 

1. The Trend Pear

'The Trend Pear' is a recently launched blog, shared between a guy and a girl, Max Hurd and Eleanor Calder, who are best friends living in London. The pair mainly post about fashion and trends, with a specific interest in the fashion industry's movement away from gender specific clothing, and trying to encourage both men and women to enjoy and share an interest in fashion,
I have been aware of Eleanor Calder for a while now, and have always admired her fashion sense, so I was really pleased when I saw she and Max were launching this blog, and have enjoyed viewing and reading each of the posts! This blog has become a real style inspiration to me, so I would definitely recommend you all go have a look! 

2. BeautyCrush

'BeautyCrush', created by Sammi Maria, has been around for many years now, and since discovering it a couple of years ago I have continued to be obsessed with it! This blog focuses on fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle, and is an all round interesting read, with amazing photography accompanying it. I love, love, love Sammi's fashion style, and from watching her YouTube channel and reading her blog you really get a sense of her bubbly, down-to-earth, and relatable personality. You should definitely check this out if you haven't already- I know I will continue to be obsessed with her blog and her YouTube channel for a long time to come! 

3. LlyMlrs

'LlyMlrs' or Lily Melrose, is another fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog that's been around for a long time now. Whilst I'd been aware of Lily Melrose's blog and YouTube channel, I'd never looked/watched either of them until recently, and now I wonder why I didn't do it earlier?! I really love all her fashion and beauty posts, but I also love that she has an advice section of her blog where she has posts discussing interesting topics and giving her opinion on them. I think the topics she chooses to write about are really important, and I also love reading through the comments section of these posts where people continue to debate and talk about the chosen topic. 

4. CharlotteSophiaRoberts

I discovered Charlotte's blog when I first joined BlogLovin' and since then have made sure I kept updated  with all her posts. This blog focuses mostly on beauty, but also has some fashion and lifestyle posts added to the mix. Also, her photography is amazing, and she has quite a few advice posts about photography and blogging techniques which are both useful and interesting to read! Also, she always makes time to reply to comments on her posts which I always think is a really nice touch. Plus, we share the same middle name, so it's obviously going to be a great blog haha! 

5. It's Thursday Tho?

'It'sThursdayTho?' is a blog by Betsy-Blue English, who you may recognise as one of the four members of Only The Young, the band who were on last year's X-Factor UK. As well as music, Betsy-Blue has a big interest in fashion and style, and set up this blog to document her style. I absolutely love her style posts, and the blog has quickly become one of my favourite fashion style blogs! Also, if you love her blog, you should definitely follow her instagram where she posts a lot of day-to-day outfit pictures. 

And that concludes my current top 5 blogs! I hope you enjoyed this post and that I helped you to discover new blogs, or re-visit ones you'd forgotten about. I'd love to hear if any of you read these blogs too. 
What are your current favourite blogs? 

-- AshCam


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