Sunday, 24 May 2015

WSA Graduate Fashion Show 2015

As the final part of my first year of Fashion Design at WSA I had to do about two weeks of third-year work experience. I was assigned a group of third year Fashion Design students to contact and ask to work with, but ended up working with mainly one of the third years, whilst also occasionally chipping in to help a few others. It was a set up which both allowed third years to take on a small managerial role, and first years to experience first-hand a small part of what third-year fashion design was like. Mainly I was given tasks like preparing pattern pieces for sewing, drawing and pressing pleats, and hand sewing, but I also stood and modeled in quite a few of the designers final reviews for their final major project collections. Then for my final part of the experience I chose to help out with the WSA Graduate Fashion Show as a dresser backstage.  

I was initially quite apprehensive about helping out, thinking that it was going to be a really long and stressful day, however, I was very wrong! It was a long day of being on our feet and we had to be quick and organised, but all in all it was SO much fun!
Each of the collections were made up of six outfits, there were two shows, and for both shows I was in charge of 6 outfits which I had to dress on one model throughout the day. My team was the 'sporty' looking models, and we all worked really well together, making all the changes really quick and making the work fun rather than stressful. It was also so amazing to get up close to all the garments, and see all the collections together before they went out on the runway, and for a fashion design student like myself, it was hugely inspiring too! 

Preparing for the start of Show 1

All dressed for the start of Show 1.
First collection of the show; Lucy McCann 'Murmuration' 

Second collection I dressed.
Lucy Hood: 'Effervescent'

Third collection I helped dress.
Yi Lua: 'Flower'

The last collection our team dressed for Show 1.
Amy Carlin: 'Communicating in Silence'

Last collection of Show 1, and one of my favourites- 'Galaxy Racer Club'
by the lovely Odella Yue, who I was fortunate to work with whilst she was
making her final collection.
[The above four photos were taken from the twitter account @_MakeFuture]

Our Sporty-look models all ready for their first appearance in Show 2.
Collection by Grace Fincham: 'Urban Reality'

Piling up all the garments ready for the next quick changes during Show 2!

Shoes and Accessories used in Show 2- Plus the horse bag
 which was just awesome!
Second of the collection's we dressed in Show 2.
Jennifer Lewis: 'The Cactus Hill Motel'

Third collection we dressed- Again I was lucky enough to work with the designer of
this collection during the lead up to the show.
Angie Mena: 'Progressive Flux'

The fourth collection we dressed in Show 2.
Ziyan Zhao: 'Fresh'

Fifth collection we had to dress for Show 2.
Joanna Karmowska: 'Modernised Japan'

The last collection we dressed for Show 2.
Katie Lee: 'Incurving Forms'
[Last four photos were taken from the twitter account @_MakeFuture]

I definitely encourage any of you who have the chance to help out with a fashion show, to do so, because it was great experience, but also such a fun day! 
Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it and reminiscing about what was an awesome day! 

-- Ash Cam


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