Wednesday, 20 May 2015

First Year Complete!

I realise I have been slightly absent from blogging for the past few weeks, however, I have had a really important deadline which meant all efforts were focused on getting my fashion design projects finished. Hopefully now that all four of my projects are completed and handed in, I can start doing a bit more on my blog again. I have a list of post ideas I really want to do, so I shall be trying to get round to doing them all and making a real effort with my blog over the Summer.

Anyway, moving swiftly on to what this blog post is about! Part of the reason why I made this blog was to talk about and show the work I do for my Fashion Design degree, so now that all of my projects are complete I thought I'd do a little round up post on everything I've done during my first year of university!

My first fashion project was called 'Original Copy', and the objective for it was to recreate an already made mens shirt from a basic mens shirt block pattern. This project helped to develop pattern drawing skills, making us think around the normal structure for garments, and also garment construction, learning all the complex sewing techniques in order to make the shirt.

The Complete Shirt
[Model- March Rodriguez]

Front of Shirt.

Our second project was called 'Fabric First: Through the Wardrobe'. The theme of this project was to choose a person we know and admire, either in style, personality or interests, and then use any of these aspects to design a 5-outfit collection inspired by them. The 'Fabric First' part of the project encouraged us to look into fabrics before we begin designing, this way we'd be able to design with them in mind. Below is both my line up and one of the skirts from the collection I made up in final fabrics.

Full Line Up.

Skirt from Look 3 of line up made using final fabrics
[Model- Charlotte James].

Close-Up of Skirt

My third and last project of my first year was inspired by Cubism. I chose to look at faces in cubist artwork, particularly focusing on eyes, converting them into geometric shapes, like ovals, to then create garments using these shapes. For this project we were told we had to use draping techniques to create and design the 6-garment collection. Here are pictures of my line-up, and the garment I chose to create from my line-up.

Final Line-Up

Final Garment: Look 2.
[Model - Rose Appleton]

And that concludes my first year of Fashion Design at WSA! I hope you enjoyed getting an insight into each of the projects I've done for my degree, and I hope to continue to do this sort of thing once term restarts in September/October. In fact I'm hoping to document it stage by stage next year, so that any of those whom are interested in Fashion Design can get a more in depth insight to what the course is like from a student's perspective!

-- Ash Cam


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