Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Piercing Update & How I Look After My New Piercings

As people may or may not know, after having a piercing it is particularly important that you clean it and look after it properly to reduce risks of the piercing getting infected and also to help the healing process. There are many ways of looking after piercings, and ultimately the best place to get advice for cleaning your own piercing is from the professional who pierced you, however, I myself got most of my information from looking online and watching YouTube videos, like the videos 'BreeAnnBarbie' makes on her ear piercings. However, I thought I'd share with you what I do to clean my recent ear piercings, and give you an update and any advice on the healing process.

[As a disclaimer, I must make it clear that I am in no way a professional, and what I say is not necessarily the 'correct' way of looking after a piercing, but is just what I've found has helped me and my piercings, and is research I gathered myself from many different sources. As I said before, the best people to answer your questions on your particular piercings would be a professional piercer.]

Anyway... on with the post! It is coming up to six weeks since I had my four new piercings (my second lobe piercings and double helix piercings), and I am continuing to clean them and still haven't taken them out. I believe they are all healing really well, and I so far have had no infections or any problems with them. During the first three weeks I cleaned them religiously 2-3 times a day using either the cleaning solution I bought at the piercing place I went to, or a sea salt solution I make up myself.  I've found the past couple of weeks I've been slacking a little on cleaning them twice a day, and have even found I've gone a day or two without cleaning them at all sometimes. It is of course much better if you continue with the regime of cleaning them twice a day, but I don't believe missing a couple of days has jeopardised the healing process or given my given me any problems. So now, I am only tending to clean them once a day, either in the morning or evening, whichever I find easiest on that day. 

The salt solution I make myself is literally just a quarter of a teaspoon of sea salt, plus a bit of hot water mixed together.  The sea salt I use is just regular sea salt from the supermarket, and from research I've done I believe the only thing you must make sure when buying sea salt for your piercings is that the sea salt is non iodised, which is something that has to be put on all labels of sea salt. 
With whichever cleaning solution I use, I get a cotton bud for each of my four piercings [and as a side note, if you are getting a piercing I would strongly recommend buying lots of packs of cotton buds because you'll get through them VERY quickly] and dip them in the solution I'm using, and then gently apply them to the piercing. I clean both front and back of the piercing, using separate ends of the cotton buds for each side, and after doing this move the piercing back and forth, and sometimes give it a slight twist to keep the piercing moving. Unless I am cleaning my piercing I try not to touch my piercings during the day because unclean hands and fingers could spread bacteria and lead to infections in the piercings.

[All the items I use to clean my piercings with]

I hope this has helped any readers, and of course if anyone has any more questions to do with piercings, feel free to leave a comment with your questions and I will try and help as much as I can. 

-- Ash Cam


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