Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Perfect Spring Time Playlist

The Sun has made a return today and all the rain, fog and gloom seems to be disappearing for the day, making the day feel bright, happy and injecting a bit of Spring into life! As more of an Autumnal /Wintery person, I do love a bit of rain, but I've been missing the sunny days that made a brief appearance a couple of weeks ago, so waking up today to see sunshine and two very cute rabbits hopping about in the field outside made me instantly very happy! With the coming of a new season, I felt I needed to make a new playlist on my iPod of Spring-feeling tunes and thought it might be fun to add this to my blog to share with all of you music lovers! I love discovering new music, so please if you have any other suggestions let me know in the comments below!


3.       Drive- Alexander
9.       Miracles- Coldplay

I've put links to YouTube on the list of songs above so that you can click and instantly listen to whichever songs interest you on my playlist -- enjoy!!

-- Ash Cam


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