Friday, 20 February 2015

Four New Piercings!

Since August last year I have been seriously contemplating and researching new ear piercings, specifically second lobe piercings, and helix/cartilage piercings. I did so much visual and technical research on piercings, looking at the way they look, how painful they are, what can happen when you get them, etc- watching YouTube videos, asking friends and family, and looking on information sites. 
When I moved to uni, I was shown and told about a Tattoo and Piercing parlour called 'Asgard' which have bases both in Winchester and Southampton, and did some further research into their customs, hygiene, and prices for piercings, until finally, on the 6th February 2015, I went and got four new piercings! 
I was so nervous on the day, and I'm pretty sure that if my friend Becca hadn't come with me, I would have turned around and ran back home. So the first thing I would say if you're are going to get a piercing is to take a friend with you, because doing it alone would have been ten-times worse for me. However, at the same time, make sure it is definitely your own decision to get this piercing, and that you've not been pressured into getting one, or feel like you have to because all your friends have one. Piercings are a commitment, so you have to make sure you definitely want it.
When I arrived at the studio, I said to the piercer what I wanted done- two helix piercings and my second lobe piercings on each ear- and then was given a form which I had to fill in and sign. The form had the standard name, age, address kind of questions, and then also ones based on health, for example if you faint easily, have drunk alcohol in the past 12 hours, etc.
Once that first section was signed, I was shown into the piercing room, where I sat on a long chair/lounger, and the piercing process began. She cleaned both ears thoroughly, and got set up with my chosen earrings at the ready. She then marked on dots according to where I wanted them, allowing me to check in the mirror to make sure I liked the planned placing for each piercing.
She gave me the choice as to which ones I had done first, and although I didn't overly mind, I opted for the helix piercing to be done first. Within about 5-10 minutes, I had all four piercings done. I then had to sign the form again to show I was happy with the result- which I was, and then she explained to me the cleaning process and what solutions were recommended for this.
The whole experience was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. I had heard stories about the helix piercings being immensely painful, when in actual fact I found them no worse than the lobe ones I had done. For all four of the piercings I had, the needle went through almost painlessly, and then when she put the earrings in, there was a sharp pinch each time the earring was pushed in. Then because the earrings I had were barbells, which are stud earrings with a screw on ball at the back, there was a bit of discomfort when she was screwing the backs on, but for me the pain was no worse than the sharp pinch when the earring is pushed in. I am used to needles from having had blood tests every year of my life, and I believe I have a relatively high pain threshold, so for me the piercings were not bad at all. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, I would put the ear lobe piercings at a 2/3 overall, and the helix piercings at a 3 overall.
After they were done, the helix ones throbbed and had a dull sting, but it was not painful as such. During this first week of having them, they have been tender to touch, have bled a little, have swollen and the cartilage around the helix piercings has been bruised, plus I still cannot sleep on my left side, however, they are not unbearably painful, and I definitely do not regret getting them all done. So long as I care for them carefully and correctly, they should heal without a problem.
Left Ear: Double Helix and Second Lobe.

Right Ear: Second Lobe.
Back of Left Ear

Half an hour after getting them done. 
One Week Later.

One Week Later

One Week Later: Ears have returned to
normal size as swelling has subsided.


-- Ash Cam.


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