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Personalising my bedroom at Uni

Although my bedroom at university is in fact larger in size than my bedroom back home, there is not much storage space which becomes a problem when, like myself, you have brought a LOT of stuff with you! Due to the extensive list of equipment needed for my course, the amount I took with me was larger than an average student, and in the photos below you can see just how much I had to take with me, and also just how tricky it was to fit everything in the car- but my Dad is a car packing genius and managed...just!

 The photo on the left is most of my stuff piled up in the spare bedroom before I went to university. Then on the right is my picture of me sat in the car with everything packed in every nook and cranny in the car the morning I went off! It was a surprisingly comfortable journey considering the amount of room I had! 

When I moved in, my room had a bed, a desk with six small cubby holes, a window with a shallow window sill, a wardrobe with a rail and three narrow shelves inside, plus in the en suite bathroom I had a ledge above the toilet for any toiletries. I had to try and tidy my things into these spaces and live in it, which is still difficult at times, and took a lot of rearranging during the first month of living here. Therefore, my first bit of advice, especially if your course requires large amounts of equipment, is to bring lots of boxes that can be slid underneath your bed, and also a trunk if it can fit in your room. My Mum bought me a trunk to take with me to uni, and it has honestly been SOsosossoso useful for storing all my art equipment and fabric away tidily.

 The above picture was taken after all my possessions had been brought up to my room on move in day- it makes me weep to see how cramped everything is in this photo! Below shows you what my room is like now that I've got everything sorted into the places I want them- much, much better!

Wardrobe space was certainly an issue and, with my Mum's help, all my clothing fit inside it, however, I've had to rearrange it since because I found that some things I wear regularly were at the back of the shelves, which meant every time I tried to get those items out of the wardrobe I would mess up the order. It has taken quite a while to work out a wardrobe-system that works, but you just have to use trial and error with these things. I have some scarves and jackets hanging on the door now because it makes them easier to get to, plus I feel it makes it look more homely in a way. A bonus of this wardrobe is the mirrors on the inside, which are a kind of full length mirror.

There I am illustrating the full length mirror in the picture on the left, and then on the right I have provided you with a picture of the chocker-block wardrobe in my room. As you can see I've also used the space on top of my wardrobe to store suitcases and also my box of hats, scarves and gloves. 

I like to try and keep my clothes smelling fresh and clean, and so I've put a few nice smelling soaps at the back of the shelves in my wardrobe. I also like to do this in my bed, and put a soap in between my pillows, as shown in the photo to the right. I also have brought with me from home a little 'Guardian Angel' charm which a family member gave me for my birthday a couple of years ago. I find it comforting to decorate my room with things I have from close friends and family.  It's also good to make sure you have nice bedding, and personally I love having a throw/blanket and lots of cushions on my bed, so I brought with me some of my favourite cushions from home, and also my Taylor Swift woven blanket to remind me of when I saw her in London in February with my sister. I think these things also help to complete the room and make it feel cosy.

After my parents went home on move in day I opened a box which my Mum had left behind for me, and inside there was some bunting with paper dresses on it, and so I have added these to the wall next to my bed, using blue-tac to hold up the string.

Above the headboard I have put up the awesome birthday card my sister gave me for my 18th, plus above that I have a poster of Jon Snow, my favourite character in Game of Thrones, which you can see in one of the earlier photos in this post. All these things I feel make my room personal to me and remind me of home and things that make me happy.

I have also put up around the room other posters. It's good that my room provided a noticeboard which meant I could use push pins to put up photos, decorations and posters.

The notice board has continued to be added to since this was taken in October, and I have now got Taylor Swift polaroid's up, plus have just ordered more photos, both old and new ones. However, I am now running out of push pins and need to invest in some more- so here's another tip, buy lots and lots of pins!

I have also used the side of my wardrobe to put up cards that I've been sent whilst I've been here. Again, I feel like this adds a homely touch to my room, plus is a nice way of displaying cards from friends and family.

 Usually I'm really bad at keeping my desk and files tidy, but now I'm having to look after myself I've made an extra effort to keep it all in an organised fashion. I finally, after a good few weeks here, found a set-up of my desk space that I liked and could work with, and I have managed to keep it this way for some time. Obviously the tidiness has fluctuated occasionally, but for the most part, it's worked well for me and my work.

Before coming to university I bought a LOT of stationary, but I've found that post-stick notes have been one of the most useful things I've brought with me, and I am constantly using them to write little notes to myself to remind me of deadlines or tasks I need to do. However, I also feel it's good to have fun with your stationary, and I LOVE the animal rubbers my best friend bought me for Christmas last year, and they sit on my desk and add a bit of character to what is otherwise quite plain.

 Also, having the window ledge has been so useful, and has given me more room to store both make-up and stationary things that I use regularly, but are too bulky and take up too much room on my desk. I arranged my window sill carefully too, because I wanted to make it look appealing, rather than just piling all my things up.

I love having my pot of buttons, perfume bottle and other cute jars of things up on the window ledge, and also really like the cute wooden box, which has been a great way of storing all my most-used jewellery in a convenient place. Also, because of my obsession with garden gnomes, I was given the gnomes, shown in the picture above, for my birthday, so they live on the window ledge too, and add some original and awesome decoration to the room.

That pretty much concludes the tour of my room, but I would like to end this post with a few tips which I have found really useful whilst living here.

 Firstly, make sure you have lots of water bottles- they are invaluable! My Dad bought me a pack of six water bottles on the day I moved in, and I have used one each week I've been here, for both around the house and also when going out or spending days at uni. You have to keep hydrated, but when you're busy learning, working, and looking after yourself sometimes you forget to do the simple things like having a drink every now and then, but if you carry a water bottle with you, you can re fill it whenever, and keep taking sips from it to keep up hydration.
My second tip for you would be to make sure you have a torch attached to your keys, because you never know when you're going to need one, and if you have one on the keys you have to carry around with you everyday, then you will never end up in a dark situation.
Lastly, I find it so useful to have a product to help dry lips in my room and also in my handbag. During the colder months especially, I find my lips can become really dry and crack, but if you carry these around wherever you go then you should be set for all kinds of Wintery weather! Hand cream will also be another good item to carry with you for this reason too.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my room transformation and have managed to take away ideas or some advice from this post. As usual, if you want to ask any questions then please feel free to leave a comment, I'm more than happy to try and answer them. Also, sorry for the long gaps between posts, but thank you for reading them, I really appreciate it!

-- Ash Cam.


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