Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Hello from AshCam!


My name is Ashleigh,  but you can call me AshCam, and I am 18 years young! :)
I have decided to finally make a blog, giving into my sister's nagging to start one, and using my long Summer off, after completing my A-Levels, to make my own, very small stamp online! On this blog I am mainly wanting to share my love of fashion and textiles with posts of my designs and new textile products I've made or discovered, whilst adding a bit of beauty, styling, and everyday life-living, with a bit of inevitable crazy fan-girling mixed in!

I hope my posts will be interesting to some of you out there, and if you read them then thank youuuuu! For the moment though, I'm just hoping this post even gets published, because I'm still slightly unsure how this all works, so you may never actually get to read this, in which case I've spent half an hour writing a pointless post! However, if this does publish, as I hope, please if you have any tips or help for a newbie, like myself, then please comment and share the advice, I feel like I'm going to need it! Thank you!

- AshCam  X

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